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Whoever wins superbowl mvp wins $5,000.

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Q: How much does a Super Bowl MVP win?
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Who was the only player to get MVP and not win a super bowl?

The only player to win the Super Bowl MVP and not win the Super bowl was Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys in the 1971 Super Bowl against the Colts.

Did joe namath win the super bowl mvp three times?

No, Joe Namath did not win 3 Super Bowl MVP awards. He won one MVP award. He was named the MVP for Super Bowl III. That was the only Super Bowl he appeared in.

Who was the first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl and MVP?

Doug Williams was the first black QB to win the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP award

How can you win Super Bowl MVP?

By doing really well in the super bowl

Who was the first non quarterback to win the super bowl mvp?

The first non quarterback to win the Super Bowl MVP was linebacker Chuck Howely of the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

Who was first black MVP of the Super Bowl?

The first African American to win Super Bowl MVP honors was Franco Harris in Super Bowl IX.

Did Ben Roethlisberger win a Super Bowl MVP?

No, he did not. Hines Ward was the MVP in Super Bowl XL and Santonio Holmes won the award in Super Bowl XLIII.

What years did Tom Brady win Super Bowl MVP?

He won the Super Bowl MVP trophy in both Super Bowl XXXVI (2001 Season) and Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003 Season).

Who was the first quarterback to win Super Bowl mvp?

The first Q.B to win the Super Bowl M.V.P was Bart Starr

Who was first MVP none QB in super bowl?

Chuck Howley was the first non quearterback to win the Super Bowl MVP Award in 1971 Super Bowl V.

Did Favre win the Super Bowl MVP?

No He won Super Bowl 31 but the MVP went to a kick returner named Desmond Howard.

Did Peyton and Eli Manning both win super bowl MVP?

yes, Eli won super bowl MVP one super bowl after Peyton did!!!!!!! (Peyton super bowl XLI and Eli XLII)

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