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Q: How much does a Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine get paid?
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How much do sports medicine doctors get paid?

well approx they get paid yearly around £75,000 - £90,000.

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.?

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.

How much do sports owner get paid?

It depends.

How much do sports scientists get paid?


How much do you get paid at sports chalet?


How much does a emergency medicine get paid?

EMS persons get paid very little for what they are expected to do and know.

Do sports medicine doctors get paid on overtime?

Possibly. However, doctors typically bill based on services, not on time spent.

How much do you get paid in sports direct?

2000000000 a day

Do sports stars get paid too much?


How much do Sports photographers get paid?

$120,000 a year.

Why do sports stars get paid so much?

your gay

How much do you get paid at Champs Sports?


How much do employees at hibbett sports get paid?


How much does a sports columnist get paid?

About $35,000. Some of the top sports columnists can get paid about half a million a year, but that's a very few number of people.

What are some well paid sport jobs in the US?

Well paid sports jobs vary depending on which sport you would like to pursue a career in. Some of the highest paid sports job allow you to choose the sport you like without having to go back for additional training like Athletic Trainer, Coach, Sports Medicine, Event Marketing and Communications Manager.

How much does a Football Sports Trainer get paid?

lots of greenbacks

How much do MC sports workers get paid?

Ihave no idea

How much do sports doctors make per month?

the technical name for "sport doctor" is Athletic Therapist they earn: Level 1 (Therapist at university sports medical clinic) - $20,000 - $40,000 Level 2 (Therapist for a professional sports team) - $40,000 - $65,000 Level 3 (Owner of a sports medicine clinic) - $50,000 - $80,000 the above are YEARLY salaries. if you want to know the MONTHLY paymeny, simpley divide the ammount you wish to get paid by 12. example: if you want to get paid $80,000 a year than you would divide that by 12. (80,000 12 = $6,666) so you would get paid $6,666 a month if you wanted to get paid $80,000 a year. -Chow

How much does a sports broadcaster get paid?

704.00 dollars per week

Who was the highest paid sports athlete in 2000 and how much did they earn?


How much does an average sports journalist get paid a year?

$5,000,253 a second

How much would you get paid if you were a sports coach?

about 20 thousand dollars

How much does a pediatricain get paid?

A pediatrician can make around 178,000 dollars a year. This is one of the higher paid speciality fields in medicine.

What are some reasons why sports athletes should not get paid so much money?

They shouldn't get paid sooo much there are ppl out in the real world saving ppls lives that do not get paid nearly enough!!!

How much do professional sports players get paid per year?

Well it depends what sport you are talking about. Most professional sports players get paid between 1million and 2millions dollars per year.