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All Nascar drivers earn different amounts. It all depends on the amount of races they enter and their finishing position in each race.

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Q: How much does a Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver earn?
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How many points can a NASCAR driver earn per race in 2014?

The maximum amount of points a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver can earn is 48. This consists of 43 points for their first place finish, three points for the win, one point for leading a lap and an additional point if he/she led the most laps. The last place driver will earn a minimum of one point.

What does a Sprint Cup NASCAR tv announcer earn?

The Sprint Cup NASCAR television announcers actually do not work for NASCAR. They work for the television station that they are seen on. I doubt if the television stations will discuss employees wages.

How do you get tracks on NASCAR Kart Racing?

On NASCAR Kart Racing, you earn tracks by defeating Rivals on Championship Series.

How much does the average nascar driver earn a year some seem never to win?


What do Nascar drivers earn per season?

That depends on the driver and the team he drives for, but its in the millions of dollars range.

How many points does a driver get for winning a Nascar race?

A Nascar Cup Series driver can earn up to a maximum of 48 points for winning a race. They will receive 43 points for first place, a bonus three points for the win, and one point for leading a lap. If that driver led the most laps during the race, they will receive an additional point.

In Nascar 05 Chase for the Cup where can you hire a driver?

After you purchase a team, you can go into your race shop, select the series in which you own a team, and select the option that says "HIRE DRIVER".Tip: If you own a National Series car, hire Ty Sheets as your driver. He has the potential to win races, so he'll earn you a lot of money. However, he doesn't seem to do as well if he is hired in any of the other series.

Why do NASCAR drivers race in NASCAR?

Because it's how they earn their living

How does the point system in NASCAR work?

The new Nascar point system took effect in 2011. The system now awards a driver anywhere from 1 to 43 points, depending on where they finish. The first place driver will earn 43 and last place will earn 1. There are 3 bonus points given to the winner, if a driver leads a lap they'll get 1 pt. and if they lead the most laps, they'll get an additional point. The most points a driver can now earn in a race is 48.

How much did Tony Stewart earn in 2012?

In 2012, Tony Stewart earned $6,423,020 in Sprint Cup Series race winnings.

How much money does a Nascar driver earn?

It all depends on how well you do in a race. It also depends on how much money you make from your sponsors and how much merchandise your fans buy.

Where is the cheat menu on NASCAR 2008?

To enter a cheat on NASCAR 08, you must enter Earn Your Stripes, select New, and enter the cheat in the section for your driver's first and last name. Then, start the career and then exit. Your cheat will work if you put it in correctly.

How much money do Nascar drivers make per race?

It all depends on the track and the purse. Usually, a Nascar driver can finish last and still earn between $50,000 to $70,000. The winners could make over $300,000, it changes each week. Sometimes more and sometimes less. The Daytona 500 is the highest paying race, where the winner and the second place driver earn over $1 million each. The last place driver will make over $250,000.

How much money did Tony Stewart earn from 1999-2002?

From 1999-2002, Tony Stewart earned a total of $20,937,721. in Nascar Cup Series race earnings.

How much does a race car driver make a year?

All based on: popularity, skill, team, and sponsor. In NASCAR a driver for a big team (Hendrick, RCR, ETC) a driver could earn 7 to 10 Million. In F1 a driver for a big team (redbull, Ferrari, ETC) they could earn 10-15 Million. but then you have to add in the sponsor and how much you get paid from your team and/or if the team want money from you.

What are all the different ways nascar driver can earn points during a race?

1)To lead a lap 2) to lead the most laps 3) The closer to leading the race, the more points are gained

How much does a test driver earn?

They earn upto $150,000 upto $230,000

Who is credited with coming up with the name NASCAR?

Bill France Sr was getting frustrated with unscrupulous race promoters who would promise big paydays and then take off with the money. He also felt that drivers could earn more money and have better races if there was a common set of rules and a strong sanctioning body to back them up. In December of 1947 Bill gathered together a group of race promoters, officials and drivers in the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida to discuss the idea. After a series of discussions NASCAR was officially born on February 21st, 1948. The First NASCAR Sprint Cup Race The first "strictly stock" series event (strictly stock would eventually go on to become the Sprint Cup Series) was held on June 19th, 1949. This race was held at Charlotte Speedway, a 3/4 mile dirt track in Charlotte, NC. *

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What does an ambulance driver earn?

It depends where you operate an ambulance. In India- the driver can earn from 4000 INR to 15000 INR. In the USA it could be annually 100000 USD.

How much money do Nascar pit crew members earn?

Depending on who they work for, they can make in the 6 figures.

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