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400-440 grams.

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Q: How much does a Futsal ball weigh?
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What ball should you train with a futsal or a regular football?

If you are training for futsal, you should use a futsal ball. It moves, feels, and reacts differently than a soccer ball. However, if you only have a soccer ball available, it would still be good to train with that one until you can get a futsal ball of your own.

What is a futsal ball made out of?

leather of course

Is the f50 ball x-lite a futsal ball?

No it is not, The main difference between a Futsal ball and a typical soccer ball, is that the bladder is filled with foam. That makes the ball heavier and have less bounce for use on the hard playing surface.

Can a goalie score a goal in futsal?

Any player may score a goal in futsal. However, the goalkeeper cannot score by throwing the ball into the opposing goal: the ball must be legally propelled.

Are Futsal soccer balls softer than outdoor soccer balls?

well kind of they are softer, however, much heavier seeing as the ball cannot bounce as much in futsal. so essentially yes alittle softer, but more weighted.What if they were jjugs

What is the required bmi for futsal players?

There is no BMI requirement for futsal. However, futsal is a fast sport requiring speed and agility, and most futsal players are built much like soccer players are.

How much does a golf ball weigh?

A golf ball can't weigh more than 45.9 grams.

Is futsal a territorial game or possession game and Why?

Futsal is a possession game, just like all Futbol-related activities. You can't score without the ball.

How much does a Christmas ball weigh?

about 4oz.

How much does a rubber ball weigh?


How much does a paper ball weigh?


How much does a cotton ball weigh?

less then you. :)

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