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it depends what kind it is

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20 pouynds

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Q: How much does a DVD player player weigh?
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How much in grams does a DVD weigh?

16 grams

How much does a DVD weigh by itself with no case?

0.58 oz (16.433 grams)

Can I buy a DVD player with surround sound?

A DVD player does not have surround sound built into it. You can purchase surround sound speakers and connect them to the DVD player. This will make your movie experience much better.

How much do DVD's weigh?

3 ozs. is close enough for your needs. I just weighed a brand new DVD (still in the wrapper) and it was 3.12 ozs.

I want to convert my videos to DVD so that i can play it with DVD player....Can i do that?

Yes DVD Video Maker aims to be a tool to convert various PC video formats to a DVD that can be played on pretty much any standalone DVD player.

What is DVD player?

There are three kinds of dvd players, computer dvd player, home theatre dvd player and car dvd player. Computer dvd player is divided into two kinds, desktop internal dvd player and laptop dvd player. Please vist for more details.

How much does a Playstation 2 game weigh?

The games come on CD or DVD disks and they weigh about 25 grams. The console weighs about 900 grams.

How do you get multimedia working on a DVD player?

what kind of DVD player is it? did u mean just dvd or dvd player?

How much does a DVD weigh?

An average store bought DVD movie weighs 0.034 lbs or 16 grams or .55 ounces, depending on which weight scale you need. The DVD and case without any inserts weigh around 79 grams.

How much is the bowflex DVD player worth?

List price is $399. Saw it on Ebay for $180. Any generaic dvd player can be strapped onto your bowflex.

How much copper is used in making a DVD player?

about 1/4th of it

How much is a portable DVD player in Singapore?

About $100 Singapore dollars.