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200$- 800$

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Q: How much does a 125cc four stroke dirt bike cost?
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Is a 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike the same as a 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike?

im not sure about that but i can say that a 2 stroke 125cc is faster than a 125cc 4 stroke and probably 200cc too. a 125cc 2 stroke would throw you off the back if you cant handle it properly, where as the 4 stroke wouldn't scare the living daylights out of you

What is the fastest four stroke 125cc dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR 125

What is the fastest 4 stroke 125cc dirt bike?

None, they all suck.

How big is a 125cc dirt bike?

for a 4 stroke: beginner level 2 stroke: experienced they are huge

Who is the best on a 125cc dirt bike?

Kawasaki is the best 125cc dirt bike. Hopefully this link will helps you.

Whats the difference of a 50 cc dirt bike and a 125cc dirt bike?

The size or displacement of the engine, 50cc versus 125cc.

Which dirt bike should a 5'8 kid ride?

if you are just getting started 85cc 2 stroke if your racing 125cc 2 stroke if your just trail riding i would get a 125cc fourstroke they are better for trailriding in the same hight and i race 125cc 2 stroke

What is the seat height of a 125cc dirt bike?

34 in

What is the top speed for a dirt bike?

125cc 4-stroke is about 50mph 125cc 2-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 4-stroke is about 75-80mph 250cc 2-stroke is about 100-120mph 450cc 4-stroke is about 100-120mph 500cc 2-stroke is about 180+mph

How much does a used dirt bike usually cost?

If you go on craigslist you can buy a 125cc for 300- 400.

How much do Orion bike cost?

The cost of an Orion bike depends on the specific model and the bike's condition. An Orion 125cc dirt bike, for instance, retails at around USD 1300 in 2014.

What is a two stroke dirt bike?

It's a dirt bike that uses a 2-stroke engine.

What is the age limit for riding a 125cc dirt bike in nc?

there are no age limits for dirt bike. but there are recomendations for size

What is the difference a cr dirt bike and a crf dirt bike?

A cr dirt bike is a two stroke. A crf is a four stroke, hence the f.

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go in km?

1 km

Can I ride a 125cc dirt bike in the bike lane?

No. That's a motorcycle. Motorcycle are to be ridden with the cars.

I am 5 foot tall what is the best dirt bike I could get that has a lot of power nothing smaller than 85?

you would need about a 125cc 2 stroke

How fast does a 125cc taotao dirt bike go in mph?

My son and me both have one and can get 50mph on dirt .

Do you need a license to ride a 125cc dirt bike in Las Vegas?


Why are you not getting a spark on your 125cc Orion dirt bike?

cause you suck a riding!

What is the height of a 125cc dirt bike?

its either 2ft or 3ft taller then the 85cc the 125cc is the same size as the 250 and 450cc

What cc bikes could a 13yr old have?

Depends on the kids experience with bikes. And I assume your talking a dirt bike. If he has no experience I would say a 100-125cc 4 stroke. Personally I would get a 4 stroke bike such as the newer Honda models.

Which is faster a two stroke dirt bike or a four stroke dirt bike?

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

What kind of oil for 4 stroke dirt bike?

4 stroke

How fast a 125cc dirt bike go?

What kind of an idiot are you? That seriously depends on what kind of freaking bike you have, STUPID!