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Tom Brady makes approximately $115,384 per week, $500,000 per month, and $6,000,000 per year.

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Q: How much does Tom Brady make a week month and year?
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a judge can make up to 3000,000 dollars in a year but I am not to sure about in a week or in a month

If you make ten dollars an hour how much do you make a month if you work 40 hours a week?

You make $1,733.33 per month.

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how much money dose a lawer get in a month

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How much does a popeyes general manager make?

$800 a week which is $3200 a month

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426 a week 40 work hours so 1740 a month on a normal 4 week month

How much do art teachers make a week?

as an art teacher myself i make $20 per month

How much does a bio technologist make a week?

The average is $41, 600 per year. They are also not paid by the week but by the month.

If you work 40 hours a week at 15.40 an hour how much you make a month?


How much a professional photographer make an a month?

about $53.28 in a week if fasion photographer and about $22.74 if you are a reagular photographer. in a month fasion photographers make about $125.67 and regular photographers make about 84.33

How much a doctor makes a hour a day a month and a week?

He make some or alot of money

How much a police detective make a month?

A police detective gets £70,000 per week

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12.00 a week, and 48.00 a month, and 567.00 a year.

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A typical month has about 4 weeks, so you end up making about 580 a month.

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You would make approx. $1,015.00

How much does apple make per year month week day hour minute and second?


How much does a nurse make in in a month?

I am a RN in Cleveland Ohio and make about 5,600 per month working 3 twelve hour shifts per week. I have been a nurse about 20 years.

How much money do nonfiction book writers make per year per month and per week?

According to SimplyHired, the average yearly salary for a nonfiction writer is $39,000. That means $3250 a month and $750 a week.

How much does a Disney Project Manager make in a week month year etc?

The average annual salary for a Disney project manager is $91,000 per year. This works out to $7,583.33 per month or $1,750 per week.

How much does the average paper boy make per week?

the average paper boy should make 142$ a month for 30 homes

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if your saying money. then you probbly meant ''much money mney she makes every month or week''

How much money do NFL players make a year?

10 million a year 208,333 a week and 833,333 a month.

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A probation officers average income is 45,000$ a year

How much money do marine biologist get per month?

well it depends on your experience when you start out you make about5000 a month so you make on average about 1250 a week but when you have had about 10 years of experience you make about 200-300 thousand a year


Weeks to months, multiply by 4. If that was 5 pounds a week, that is 20 pounds a month.