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He made $625,000 per regular season game in 2007

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Q: How much does Tom Brady earn per regular season game 2007?
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Does an NHL goalie earn a shutout in a regular season game after the overtime but before the shootout?


What will be Tom Brady's salary in 2009?

In 2005, Brady signed a 5 year contract extension with the New England Patriots. Under the terms of that contract, Tom Brady is set to earn $14,626,720 in 2009. His deal expires after the 2010 season.

How much does Tiger Woods earn in a season?

In 2007 he earned $22,906,702 on course. And $99,800,000 off course. This was his last full season.

How much does Phil Jackson earn as the Lakers coach?

$10 million for the 2007-08 season.

How much money does Tom Brady earn in a month?


How much does Jake Delhomme earn per season?

FOX Sports reports Jake Delhomme's 2007 salary at $4,785,000.

How much does josh McRoberts earn?

According to Pro Basketball Reference, Josh McRoberts' salary for the 2007-08 season was $427,163.

How many NFL games if a team goes undefeated?

An undefeated regular season is 16-0. A "perfect" season would be 19-0.A team that was undefeated in the regular season would certainly earn a bye in the Wild Card round, then would have to win in the Divisional Round, the Conference Championship, and the Super Bowl.

What was the New England Patriots Record for the 2007 season?

During the 2007 regular season, the New England Patriots went 16-0, en route to an undefeated season. Their success was marked by unprecedented offensive firepower, as they broke numerous records, including: most points scored in a season, most receiving touchdowns in a single season (Randy Moss), and most passing touchdowns in a single season (Tom Brady). Tom Brady was named the league MVP for the first time in his career, and coach Bill Belichick was honored as Coach of the Year. They continued their historic run during the post-season, defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers to earn a berth in Superbowl 42 against the New York Giants. They entered as one of the largest favorites in history, but were upset by the unbelievable pass rush of the New York Giants' defense. Eli Manning was named the Superbowl MVP following the 17-14 victory over the Patriots. Thus, the New England Patriots finished the season 18-1.

What degree did Tom Brady earn at the University of Michigan?

Organizational Studies was his major at Michigan

What did race car driver Tony Stewart earn in 2007?

Tony Stewart earned $6,396,750. in race winnings for the 2007 season. This is the amount Tony won over a 36 race schedule.

How much did Tom Brady earn in 2002?

Tom Brady's salary in 2002 was $ 375,000, and he received $ 712,833 as a signing bonus. In addition Brady earned an extra 45,040 in bonus incentives that year. In total Tom brady made $1,132,873 in 2002.

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