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too much (no offense), he has a 6 year contract for 52.5 million dollars. (without signing bonus)

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around 7.2 milion dependng on how many slag he sells

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Q: How much does Reggie Bush make a year?
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What is Reggie Bush's salary?

$3.8 million a year.

How much does money Reggie Bush make for playing football?

Reggie Bush signed a 6 year contract for $52.5 million total with the Saints prior to the 2006 season. FOX Sports reports that Bush's 2007 compensation was $2,700,000. That does not include what signing bonus money he received when signing that contract and so his yearly salary will seem low compared to the contract that he signed.

How many years reggie bush played ball?

3 years including last year

Why couldn't the Saints beat the Bucc's twice this year?

Reggie Bush didn't play enough.

Who will receive Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy?

No one. The award has been invalidated for the year 2005.

How much does George W. Bush make?

400,000 dollars a year

How long have Drew Brees and Reggie bush have been with the saints?

Reggie Bush's first season with the New Orleans Saints was in 2006. He skipped his senior season with Southern California to enter the draft. He was a Heisman winner but had to forfeit his award.

What are some of reggie bush accomplishments?

He has gotten his first Super Bowl Win last year and has a ring to prove it!

How much money does Sophia bush make a year?

3.8 million dollars

Are there any famous jersey wearers of number 31?

yes reggie bush wore 31 on his first year playing (in his rookie year)

Who is better Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

If you look at the total yardage per year, Adrian Peterson wins.

What team drafted Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush?

New Orleans SaintsReggie Bush went to high school with last year's top pick Alex Smith. Reggie was picked 2nd overall in the 1st round of the 2006 NFL draft by the New Orleans Saints.