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NFL player Jumal Rolle weighs 188 pounds.

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Q: How much does NFL player Jumal Rolle weigh?
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How much does NFL player Antrel Rolle weigh?

NFL player Antrel Rolle weighs 206 pounds.

How much can a football player weigh?

They normally weigh 40-49 lb

How much does a hockey player weigh?

50 pounds

How much does a DVD player player weigh?

it depends what kind it is

How much does one rugby player weigh?

The average weight of a player is 16 stone

How much should a baseball player weigh?

There is no requirement that a player weight a certain amount.

How much does the average football player weigh?

around the 200s

How much does NHL player equipment weigh?

it depends on what he wears.

How much does NFL player Will Pericak weigh?

NFL player Will Pericak weighs 300 pounds.

How much does NFL player Will Johnson weigh?

NFL player Will Johnson weighs 238 pounds.

How much does NFL player Will Simmons weigh?

NFL player Will Simmons weighs 342 pounds.

How much does NFL player Will Allen weigh?

NFL player Will Allen weighs 203 pounds.