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50 000 pound a week and +10 000 if he scores.

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Q: How much does Michael Essien earn in a week including all other bonuses?
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How much does Fernando Torres earn in a week including all other bonuses in Chelsea?

around £350

How much did the actors make on The Avengers?

The payment for each stars varies a lot. Robert Downey Jr. can received about US$ 50 million including bonuses, whilst other stars received about S$ 3 million to US$ 6 million, including bonuses.

How much mma pride fighter makes for a fight?

Depends on alot of thing. Many Champions can make several hundred thousand a fight (not including win bonuses, normal wage, other bonuses, etc.), while other fighters (particularly those not signed) can make only a couple of thousand.

What is the salary of a CSO in alcatel lucent?

My father was CSO of Alcatel in Kabul Afghanistan. His Salary (including all other benfits and bonuses) was somewhere close to 20k euros

Besides the spy mask are there any other poptropica bonuses?

no no

What is the total combined annual income of all US citizens including salaries bonuses wages tips inheritance interest capital gains and every other type of income for 2009?


How much does ronaldinho get paid a second?

Including bonuses and other soccer related income (endorsements) Ronaldinha gets paid $55.56 a second.= Ronaldinho = Annual salary plus bonus: $11.4 millionOther income: $17.8 millionTeam: Brazil

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What is the annual salary for a us army soldier?

A private (E1) makes $18,378 per year, plus bonuses, allowances, and other benefits. By contrast, a staff sergeant with 6 years experience makes $35,578.80, plus bonuses, allowances, and other benefits.

What kind of recruitment bonuses are being offered in 2010 to a nurse?

It depends on the institution, the type of nursing and the location of the facility. Some hospitals have been known to offer signing bonuses of $5000 - $30K, depending on the individuals training, education and experience. Other offerings have included vacations and new cars. Bonuses can range from cash to new cars to tropical vacations. All bonuses are paid out after the initial commitment of the contract is met. Bonuses can depend, too, on experience, level of education, expertise, specialty area, etc.

What is income salary?

basic pay plus other incentives like bonuses, the amount coming in after the government takes taxes and other deductives out.

What is the salary range of a district manager at Best Buy?

It depends on the area, but generally anywhere from 125k to 200k plus bonuses, per diem, and many other benefits. and the bonuses are pretty rewarding depending on district performance.

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do you still offer guaranted enlistments and enlistment bonuses?

There are bonuses, but you must not have enlisted before, these are called non prior service bonuses, and they aren't just available to anybody who decides to join; your enlistment bonus will be determined if you have a critical skill that the Army needs. If you have that skill, you get the bonus. There are other bonuses available once you are in, but for enlisment, you must have no prior service and must have a skill that the Army needs. For more info:

What is a Walmart Market Manager's salary?

Between 125K-200K, plus bonuses and stock, plus other incentives.

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Is a human warlock a good class on wow i just started with one and now I am a lev 40 and I dont know if I am any good compared to other classes or races help?

Depends on what you want Look at all the bonuses you get on all the other races. Humans get spirit, reputation bonuses etc

How do you find out what your annual income is?

Keep record of each payday, then add all other bonuses, etc and total the numbers.

What comprises employee compensation?

Usually, compensation is composed of the base wage or salary, any incentives or bonuses, and other benefits.

How do you unlock Deoxys in poke park?

On Rayquaza's attraction, you have to win all the bonuses from the other pokemon in order to unlock Deoxys.

Is base salary a for sure pay?

Simple answer: yes. Then you maybe entitled to other things like bonuses, commissions, etc.

What is kofi Kingston's salary in wwe?

Sice moved too smackdown in 2010 about 12,000 bucks a year with other bonuses.

How much do female MMA fighters make?

It depends on the popularity of the fighter and how well she does in a fight. They get win bonuses and all sorts of other bonuses. So it varies between each of them; it also depends on how big the company she fights for is. Also if she has Sponsers they pay.

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