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Q: How much does Larry hernandez charge to perform at a party?
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How much does it cost for Larry Hernandez to perform at a party?

well no lie hes my cousin and he charges like about 500 dollars the night and if you are my friend he charges 50

How much will it cost to get wisin y yandel perform at your party?

I know guy who is very close to wisin y yandel and he told me they usually charge US$25-30k to appear, and 70k to perform a few sets or songs. Obviously you will have to pay extra for them to perform more songs.

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How much does it cost for never shout never to perform at party?

no he dont perform never say never in party.

How much does it cost to have IYAZ perform at your party?

he will not join your party.

A delegation relieves the party making it of the obligation to perform even if the party to whom the duty is delegated fails to perform?


How much does it cost for mindless behavior to perform at your birthday party?

I dont know how much it cost mindless behavior to perform at my party but I wish cause I want to perform at party I love mindless behavior omg yahhhhh

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Yes, but it's really expensive to have them perform at a party

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not sure