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His wage is of course private however its estimated that with appearance fees, photo media and marketing he earns over 100,000 per annum

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Q: How much does Johnny Wilkinson get paid?
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Where was Johnny Wilkinson born?

Johnny Wilkinson was born May 25, 1979 in Frimley, Surrey.

Does johnny wilkinson have any brothers or sisters?

where does johnny wilison come from

Where does johnny wilkinson live now?


How many caps does johnny wilkinson have?


What is johnny Wilkinson favorite food?


Is Johnny Wilkinson married?

Yes, Johnny Wilkinson is currently married. He married Shelley Jenkins in 2003. The couple had been dating for several years.

What color eyes does Johnny Wilkinson have?

he has blue eyes

How tall is Johnny Wilkinson?

5 ft 10 in

What does johnny wilkinson like to do in HIS freetime?

He Plays Rugby

What sport does johnny wilkinson play?

Rugby for England

Who does johnny wilkinson play for?

Toulon since 2009.

How many points has johnny Wilkinson kicked?


How much does kendra wilkinson get paid?

Playmates get an allowance of $1000.00 a week and are not allowed to do any odd jobs.

How many points has Johnny Wilkinson got?

bob is cool

Where does johnny wilkinson get his money from?

He is paid for club appearances plus any marketing and after dinner speaking. He also will gain a fee for any media work, such as being a rugby pundit.

Where did johnny wilkinson grow up?

Cheltenham Johnny Wilkinson grew up in Hampshire. A difference of opinion here and Wikipedia doesn't clear it up. Wikipedia says Wilkinson "grew up in Cheltenham" and also says "He was an opening bowler and batsman for the school and played for Hampshire schools until rugby demanded much of his summer time as well.". He has written an autobiography ... certainly he would have mentioned where he grew up in it.

Which rugby player has scored the most points in the rugby world cup.?

Johnny Wilkinson

Who passed the ball in 2003 rugby world cup for johnny wilkinson?

Matt dawson

Who has scored the most points in test match Rugby union?

jarrod HAYNEjohnny wilkinson

Who won with his drop kick in the final of 2003 rugby world cup?

Johnny Wilkinson for England.

Who kicked the winning drop goal for England in the 2003 Rugby world Cup final?

Johnny Wilkinson

What position does johnny wilkinson play in?

He played fly-half (out-half) mostly. He also played as inside centre.

Who is englands best rugby player?

As its an opinion question most English supporters would say Johnny Wilkinson

How much did Johnny Depp spend on island?

I have heard he paid $3 million but that info may or may not be accurate.

How much money did Johnny Depp make on A Nightmare On Elm Street?

Depp was paid $1,200 per week.