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At chelsea he got paid around £100,000 a week

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Q: How much does Fernando Torres get paid a week?
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Related questions

How much does Fernando Torres get paid?

He gets $180,000 a week at Chelsea.

How much Fernando Torres is paid by Liverpool?

He was bought by Liverpool for 20.5 million and is paid 142,000 a week

How much does Fernando Torres earn a week?

180k per week

How much money does Fernando Torres get per week?


How much does Torres earn a week currently?

Fernando Torres gets a weekly salary of 80,000 pounds to 90,000 pounds.

How much does Fernando Torres earn in a week including all other bonuses in Chelsea?

around £350

What are Fernando Torres wages?

90,000 per week

Fernando Torres wages a week?

He was on 90,000pound a week and it has just rissin to nuging 120k a week!!!!!!!

What is Fernando Torres's salary?

1 million dollars a week

What is Fernando Torres's salary at Chelsea?

£200,000 per week

What is Fernando Torres' salary in dollars?

He gets about $135 000 US a week.

How much will Chelsea pay Torres per week?

he's paid 5,400,000 euros a year at chelsea...

How many times has Fernando Torres played in the Madrid derby?

I can tell you it next week

How rich is Fernando Torres?

This season he is currently earning 110,000k a week

How Much does Torres Earn a week?

Too much!

How much money do footballers get paid per week?

the top footballers get about 200,000 per week But there are some variations; for example; David beckham= £2,000,000 Ricardo Kaka =$143,438 Ronaldo Gaucho= $135,788 Frank Lampard = $130,050 Fernando Torres= $126,225

How much does a soccer player get in a year?

The pay varies according to the team to which the player belongs and the quality of the player. Fernando Torres would get a much much higher salary than Baichung Bhutia (an Indian player). They get pain on per-week basis

What is Fernando Torres salary?

As he was brought for a huge sum, some say it was a undisclosed amount, so his salary will be 70,000, to 80,000 pounds a week.

How much does a midwife get paid in a week?

they get paid 600 a week

How much do footballers get paid a week?

Robinho gets paid £160,000 a week and Kaka gets paid £145,000 a week. David Beckham gets £200,000 a week! Not that he deserves that much!!!

How much does Torres earn per week?

the Liverpool star gets around 100k/week

How much Fernando does Torres get paid?

For winning the Euro cup he received 3 million pesos. That is because he scored the winning goal that made Spain defeat Germany. He was originally on the Madrid league team and was nominated the best on his team. He got offered a very high pay of 20, 000 a month to join the club of somewhere, but he denied it. Then Liverpool asked him if he wanted to join and he did. Im not sure how much he gets paid there but gets a little more around that price. My estimate is 35, 000 a month maybe a week......................I got all this info from websites I read about him.................I m a total Torres fan!!!!

If a worker is paid 4.16 per hour and works 8.5 hours in one week how much is she paid for that week?

They will get paid $35.36 for that week.

Which professional sportsmen get paid the most?

F1 driver fernando alonso he earns over £300,000 per week

How much did servant get paid in a week?

a servant gets paid $667800 every week