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Since celebrities do not announce their earnings in public it's impossible to provide an exact number on this. However, there are estimates.

David Beckham is paid $492,000 per week by L.A Galaxy, This does not include the 50% of shirt sales (with his name on) that he receives. The American soccer rule allows him and one other player to be paid above a certain wage limit, which he obviously exceeds.

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Q: How much does David Beckham get paid a week?
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How much does David Beckham get paid?

£450,000 a week, which is too much.

How much does David Beckham get paid a week in pounds?

David Beckham gets paid £490,000 a week! Basiclly he gets almost a million pounds in a fortnight!!!

How much do footballers get paid a week?

Robinho gets paid £160,000 a week and Kaka gets paid £145,000 a week. David Beckham gets £200,000 a week! Not that he deserves that much!!!

How much did David Beckham get at Manchester united?

450000 pound a week

Highest paid sports star?

If you are including sponsors too it would be Tiger Woods and David Beckham. But just salary from the sport he/she plays it would be David Beckham who receives around $1million a week.

How much did David Beckham get to sign on with the LA Galaxy?

beckham recieved nearly 120k per week when he signed for la galexy !

How much does David Beckham earn a week?

People discuss to much about how much he makes a week. I recommend looking at his biography to be sure. I think they pay him 500,000 a week.

How much does david villa get paid?

£130,000 a week

How much does David Beckham get paid for playing for LA Galaxy per week?

i hv just read he signed a deal worth 128 million which means hes on 500-000 pw

What is David Beckham's salary with the LA Galaxy per week?

10 infidel woman a week

What is David Beckhams wage per week?

David Beckham gets $700 Million weekly.

How often does David Beckham train?

he only trains once a week:)

Who is the richest footballiers?

David Beckham. He gets $160,000 a week at LA Galaxy!

Who is the best paid soccer player?

AnswerDavid Beckham is the richest (around 120k per week) + loads of sponsorship deals, eg adidasBarcelona soccerstar Ronaldinho is now earning around half-a-million dollars a game.this is so wrong no ronaldinho does not get paid that much they get paid per season not per game and second if they did get paid per game they would be leaving teams like crazy this is bull sh&tDavid beckham

How many time a week does David Beckham practice?

He was on the radio and said once a day.

Who are the 10 highest paid soccer players per week?

The top 10 highest paid soccer players per week are Frank Lampard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carlos Tevez, Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Lionel Messi.

How much does a midwife get paid in a week?

they get paid 600 a week

David Beckham earn with Los Angeles Galaxy?

David Beckham's contract for Los Angeles Galaxy is a 5 year contract. He is being payed 250 million dollars! 1 million dollars a week.

How much do footballers get paid a year?

Steven Gerrard and David Beckham are reported to earn over £100,000 A WEEK - that's more than £5 million a year The question is one that can not be answered with any sort of exactitude. The amounts vary dependant on which level of Football. (Pub Level, Championship or Premier League) Players can be paid as little as 50 Pounds per week to astronomical figures such as Christiano Ronaldo, who is paid as much as 11 milllion Euros per year.

Who makes the most money playing association football?

Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United players get paid the most. David Beckham is the richest player in the world because he gets paid a million dollars a week Messi gets paid 60 million from games and endorsements.

If a worker is paid 4.16 per hour and works 8.5 hours in one week how much is she paid for that week?

They will get paid $35.36 for that week.

How much did servant get paid in a week?

a servant gets paid $667800 every week

How much does a Forcnsics science person get paid?

how much do u get paid a week

How much does Fernando Torres get paid a week?

At chelsea he got paid around £100,000 a week

How much do firefighters get paid per week?

how mch do the fire fighter get paid per week!!!

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