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People discuss to much about how much he makes a week. I recommend looking at his biography to be sure. I think they pay him 500,000 a week.

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2011-04-22 00:25:10
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Q: How much does David Beckham earn a week?
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How much does David Beckham get paid?

£450,000 a week, which is too much.

How much does David Beckham get paid a week in pounds?

David Beckham gets paid £490,000 a week! Basiclly he gets almost a million pounds in a fortnight!!!

How much did David Beckham get at Manchester united?

450000 pound a week

How much does David James earn per week?

£100,000 a week

David Beckham earn with Los Angeles Galaxy?

David Beckham's contract for Los Angeles Galaxy is a 5 year contract. He is being payed 250 million dollars! 1 million dollars a week.

How much did David Beckham get to sign on with the LA Galaxy?

beckham recieved nearly 120k per week when he signed for la galexy !

How much do footballers get paid a week?

Robinho gets paid £160,000 a week and Kaka gets paid £145,000 a week. David Beckham gets £200,000 a week! Not that he deserves that much!!!

How much do celebrities earn?

Between 100,000-500,000 per week depending on what they have e.g. make up and perfume but if they are a singer or footballer for instance beyonce or David beckham they earn millions per month pr at least 700,000 if they are not currently doing anything.

How often does David Beckham train?

he only trains once a week:)

What is David Beckhams wage per week?

David Beckham gets $700 Million weekly.

What is David Beckham's salary with the LA Galaxy per week?

10 infidel woman a week

Which football famous player earn a lot of money in a week especially?

Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, John Terry, yaya Toure , Christiano Ronaldo, kaka , David Beckham all earn huge salaries .

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