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Q: How much does David Beckham a FIFA player earn?
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Who is the soccer player earn the biggest money?

David Beckham. It's mostly from sponsors though.

How much does David Beckham earn a second?


How much money does david beckham earn a year?

Not alot

How much David Beckham earn?

he earns 5000000000000 a year

How much money does david beckham earn per year?

40 million a year

Does Victoria Beckham earn more than David Beckham?

No, not by a long way. As of 2011, David's net worth was over £135m while Victoria's net worth was over £30m.

How much does David beckham earn from his sponsors each year?

he earns 150,000$ per month

Which football famous player earn a lot of money in a week especially?

Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, John Terry, yaya Toure , Christiano Ronaldo, kaka , David Beckham all earn huge salaries .

How much money does David Beckham earn?

David Beckham- LA Galaxy Annual: £40,000,000.00 Monthly: £3,333,333.00 Weekly: £ 800,000.00 Daily: £160,000.00 Hourly: £ 6,666 Minute: £111 Second: £1.85 .

David Beckham earn with Los Angeles Galaxy?

David Beckham's contract for Los Angeles Galaxy is a 5 year contract. He is being payed 250 million dollars! 1 million dollars a week.

How much does Victoria Beckham earn per year in Football?

Victoria Beckham does not earn any money in football. Victoria Beckham does not play football. She used to be a member of the Spice Girls.

How much money do pro soccer players earn?

It depends on the who the person is, and how he ontributes to the team. Take david Beckham as an example, he is a great soccer player, and contributes alot to whichever team is on. That is why he is getting paid 250 million dollars a year :)

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