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Famous softball player Crystl Bustos weighs 225 pounds

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Q: How much does Crystal Bustos weigh?
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What position did crystal bustos play?

Crystal Bustos has now saddly retired but her former position was 3rd base.

Does crystl bustos have children?

Yes Crystal Bustos does have children but I'm not sure how many.

Who is a softball athlete?

Crystal Bustos and Cat Osterman

Who is Crystal Bustos?

Crystal Bustos is a USA olympian. She plays softball for USA and recently came home with a silver medal. She is USA's toughest and strongest batter at the plate. She also is in inspiration to all young softball players.

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Where did crystal bustos play in college?

Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida.

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Crystal busto on softball olympic team?

It's Crystal Bustos and yes she was on the Olympic softball team. I said "was" because softball is no longer in the Olympics starting in 2012.

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i grew up on the street from crystal and her family when she was in hs in canyon country, ca. and i am almost positive that she is mexican. Hi, this is Ricardo. You are correct; Crystal is Mexican. I have the honor of being married to her cousin, Ronnee.

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When was Crystl Bustos born?

Crystl Bustos was born in 1977.

When was David Bustos born?

David Bustos was born in 1990.

When did Juan Bustos die?

Juan Bustos died in 2008.