How much does Brent Morel weigh?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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MLB player Brent Morel weighs 225 pounds.

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Q: How much does Brent Morel weigh?
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How tall is Brent Morel?

MLB player Brent Morel is 6'-02''.

What MLB team does Brent Morel play for?

Brent Morel plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What position does Brent Morel play?

Brent Morel is a third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Where was Brent Morel born?

MLB player Brent Morel was born in Bakersfield, CA.

Does Brent Morel throw right or left?

MLB player Brent Morel throws right.

What is Brent Morel's number on the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Brent Morel is number 59 on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Does Brent Morel bat right or left?

MLB player Brent Morel bats right.

How old is Brent Morel?

Brent Morel is 30 years old (born April 21, 1987).

When and where was baseball player Brent Morel born?

Brent Morel was born April 21, 1987, in Bakersfield, CA, USA.

How much does a gallon of morel mushrooms weigh?

a million pounds

What are baseball player Brent Morel's physical stats?

Brent Morel is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs 225 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

How much does Brent Seabrook weigh?

NHL player Brent Seabrook weighs 221 pounds.