How much does Bernie Brewer make?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Bernie Brewer makes entire year- $85,000

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Q: How much does Bernie Brewer make?
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What is the longest object in Miller Park?

Bernie Brewer's slide.

Who is the mascot for the Milwaukee bucks?

About Bernie Perhaps as much a part of Milwaukee's rich baseball history as the players, Bernie Brewer has become a symbol of what's good about being a fan of the Brewers and Major League Baseball. As the official mascot of the Brewers, Bernie Brewer entertains fans young and old from his Dugout located in the left field bleachers. The History of Bernie Brewer The concept of a team mascot first emerged back in 1970 when the expansion team needed to draw more fans to the park. That year, the first "Bernie Brewer", 69 year old Milt Mason, camped out in a trailer atop the scoreboard in late June, vowing not to come down until a crowd of at least 40,000 attended a game. On August 16, a bat day crowd of 44,387 showed up to bring their adopted hero down from his perch. The demand for Bernie Brewer grew, and by 1973 he emerged as a character who cheered on the home team from a beer-barreled chalet. He would slide down from his perch into a beer stein following each Brewers home run and victory. Bernie Brewer became a fixture at Brewers home games through the club's powerful years when home runs came with regularity for teams known as Bambi's Bombers and Harvey's Wallbangers. In 1984, the Brewers rebuilt the bleachers, replacing Bernie's Chalet with a sound tower, sending the mascot into retirement. However in 1993, Bernie made a triumphant return. By popular demand, Brewers fans voted for his reinstatement. Bernie Brewers' housewarming party was a smash and he has been a permanent fixture at every game

How much money does Ronnie Brewer make?

NBA player Ronnie Brewer made $69792 in the 2013-2014 season.

How much money does Corey Brewer make?

NBA player Corey Brewer made $5000000 in the 2013-2014 season.

Where is brewer Maine?

the little a is where brewer is... if you can make it to bangor, brewer is across the bridge...

How much does Charles Brewer weigh?

MLB player Charles Brewer weighs 205 pounds.

How much does Eric Brewer weigh?

NHL player Eric Brewer weighs 220 pounds.

How much does Ronnie Brewer weigh?

NBA player Corey Brewer weighs 185 pounds.

How much does NFL player Aaron Brewer weigh?

NFL player Aaron Brewer weighs 230 pounds.

How much does NFL player James Brewer weigh?

NFL player James Brewer weighs 330 pounds.

How much does 610 WIP's Howard Eskin make?

Enough to shop at Bernie Robbins and wear a fur coat.

What do you call a person who makes alcohol?

Someone who makes Beer is called a Brewer. Someone who makes Wine is called a Vintner. Someone who makes Liquor is called a Distiller.