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If you mean JT, of the Gonzaga Basketball team, he is an amateur. He receives financial aid just as any other student, on the same bases.

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Q: How much does Batista get paid to wrestle in WWE?
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Is any of Batista relations wrestle in the WWE?

no not that i know of some say they do but im positive they dont

When will john cena win the WWE title back from shemase?

he did at the Elimination Chamber but Vince Mcmahon came and made him wrestle batista and batista won but there is a rematch at wrestlemania 26 wwe champion batista vs john cena wwe championship wrestlemania 26 ppv

How much does Batista of WWE get paid?

Around $813,000 A Year And He Gets First Class Flight Accomodation Paid For Every Week.

What is WWE entrancw fees for wrestlers?

There are not entrance fees for the wrestlers, they don't pay to wrestle, they get paid to wrestle and they are paid by whatever their contract states.

How much do WWE get paid?

It depends on 1 how they wrestle, good or bad, and 2 how much entertainment they actually bring to the wwe universe. After all, it is world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT.

Is MVP really the highest paid wrestler in WWE?

Probably not, because he has only been in WWE for two years and the longer you wrestle, the more you get paid

How much does WWE Superstar Batista make a year?

Batista: $813,000 a year

Is Batista leaving WWE?

Yes, Batista left WWE.

Did Batista leave the WWE?

Yes, Batista left WWE.

Who will be the WWE champ at WrestleMania?

John Cena vs Batista Wrestle Mania 26.I would say John Cena, because I saw the whole elimination chamber. Batista doesn't have muscles and he uses steroids. John Cena could win in real life, but in fake WWE Batista would win

Do you have to wrestle in high school to be in the WWE?

You don't have to wrestle in high school to be in the WWE. They are recruited from various arenas and you can try out to be in WWE.

Where Batista is gone after leaving WWE?

Why batista left wwe intresting question answer is he left wwe and went to mma.

When is batista coming back from his injury in 2009?

He said he could come back right now if he wants and that he is cleared to wrestle. I think he will make a special appearance at wwe. when Orton won the wwe championship from HHH with him a little longer Batista will make his return and challenge Orton for the next wwe championship match where Batista will most likely become the champion. So sometime around Nov-Jan

Does hornswoggle wrestle?

Define wrestle. He does a splash move in the wwe. So yes but mostly no at least not in the wwe.

Why do WWE superstars move to tna?

Because they don't want to wrestle for wwe and want to wrestle for tna!

How much does WWE bautista weigh?

the Batista weight is 350 pounds

How did Rodrigo Batista die?

how did batista from wwe die

Is WWE batista coming back?

WWE are currently trying to negotiate terms with Batista for his return, but no official or final decision has been made or released. No WWE is not in negotiations with Batista

What happen to Batista in WWE?

He quit from the WWE.

What do you have to do to join the WWE?


Can you be 14 to wrestle in WWE?


Does Mr Kennedy still wrestle?

Yes, Mr. Kennedy does still wrestle, but not in WWE. He was released from his WWE contract.

Does the rock wrestle in WWE?

The Rock did wrestle in WWE but in 2004 he retired from WWE. The Rock is set to be a future guest host on Monday Night RAW

How tall is batista?

Batista from the WWE is 6 foot 6.

What is dave batista?

Dave Batista is a former WWE Wrestler...