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In the year 2013, Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, made $29 million. He averaged 500 at bats which would average out to be about $58,000 each time he went up to bat.

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Q: How much does Alex Rodriguez make per at bat?
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How much money does Alex Rodriguez make per at bat?

Approx. $40k per at bat!!!! $120-$160k per inning

Alex Rodriguez number of times at bat?

As of the 2009 season, Alex Rodriguez has 8,304 career at bats.

What size bat does Alex Rodriguez use?

nokona bloodline

What bat size does Alex Rodriguez use?

nokona bloodline

How much is a bat signed by Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez worth?

I have one that I got appraised for $800.00

What kind of baseball bat does Alex Rodriguez prefer?

Louisville C271

What brand baseball bat does Alex Rodriguez use?

Louisville Slugger

What is Alex Rodriguez Jay Z at bat song for 2009?

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What is the 2010 New York Yankees at bat music?

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Why does Alex Rodriguez make so much money during one bat?

Because as a Major League player, if you do well and are as good as A-Rod, you make lots of money from the people you endorse and from your organization, as compensation for playing well.

Is Alex Rodriguez related to Ivan Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez and Ivan Rodriguez are not brothers At the new Yankee Stadium they have two walkups one every other at bat. One of Them is "Amazing" by Kanye West the other is one by Jay-z. I do not know the name of the song.

How much does Alex Rodriguez make per at bat and why?

Arod makes around 40,000$ per at bat and 120 to 140k per inning. I'm not sure exactly how to answer the why part but his past achievements hold great significance in why Rodriguez makes as much as he does. The Yankees signed him to one of the biggest contracts in baseball history. The contract also includes incentives for breaking the home run record.

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