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40,000 pounds a week

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Q: How much does Aleksander Hleb get paid as a weekly salary?
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How much does Carlos Tevez get paid as a weekly salary?

Carlos Tevez gets a weekly salary of about 80,000 pounds.

How much does Leona Lewis get paid weekly?

There isn't a set weekly salary for any artist.

How much do you make bi weekly if you make 45000?

$1730.77 Divide the annual salary by 26 to get bi-weekly, or 52 to get weekly.

How much is wesley sneijder weekly salary?

3.2 million EUR (2013) Wesley Sneijder, Salary

How much was Alex song's weekly salary at arsenal?


How much money per week if salary is 32000 a year?

If the annual salary is 32,000 then the weekly wage is 615.38

How do you calculate how much you make per hour based on what you earn per year?

Yearly salary ÷ 52 weeks per year = weekly salary Weekly salary ÷ 40 hours per week = hourly pay

How much was thiery Henry's weekly salary at arsenal?

£140'000 per week

Who is the richest player in AC Milan and how much?

It was Kaka. with a huge weekly salary.

How much does Marouane Chamakh get paid as salary weekly?

40 9000 dollars

How much does thiery Henry get paid as weekly salary?

100k he does I would know he is my hubby

How much is Nani weekly salary at Manchester united in 2010?

£25,000 every month.