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Depends if you get a cheap bat ($30.00) or a stealth ($200.00)

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Q: How much does 1 softball bat cost?
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What is a senior league softball bat?

A softball bat with a barrel over 2 an 1/4 inches in diameter, used by leagues with younger softball players

1 bat and 5 balls cost 32. 86 and 1 bat and 6 balls of 1 ball cost 36. 12 what is the cost of 1 bat and the cost of 1 ball?

Working on that principle there is a difference in 32.86 and 36.12 (3.26 the difference of 1 ball) multiply 3.26 by 6 (amount of balls) take the sum of this from 36.12 = the cost of a bat a ball costs 3.26 a bat costs 16.56 Total 1 bat/1 ball 19.82

How much are pride softball tickets?


How do you choose a softball bat?

This is a tough question to answer. A softball bat is a very personal thing. It depends on how old you are, how tall you are, and how strong you are. Let me start by stating that the right softball bat is one you can swing! In fastpitch softball it is all about bat speed. The heaviest bat you can swing at FULL speed is the right bat. There are two measurements for a bat. 1) Length, 2)Weight. Weight can be anywhere from 18oz to 24oz. Length may be from 24" to 34". A 5-7 year old may use a 24" bat. While an 18 year old may use an 34" bat. There is one more measurement that you will see. The Weight-Length value. For example, a 20" bat that weights 30oz is a -10. Bats that are -10, -11, and -12 are very popular.

If A baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 1389.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

(1389.51-102.31)/41286.69/4321.6727≈321.67Answer: $321.67

If a baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 139.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

that's easy each ball costs $9.3

What does Dh mean in softball?

DH is for designated hitter. That is a person who will bat in place of a defensive play. Softball typically uses a flex player instead. Also stands for doubleheader. which is 2 games, 1 after the other.

How do you select a softball bat?

First, you put the bat up to your side, and if it hits your hip, than the height is good. Second, you use your right hand (if you are a righty) or your left hand (if you are a lefty) to hold your bat in the air even with your shoulders. If you can hold it for 1 minute, than that bat is perfect for you! YOUR bat has to have both qualities!

How much does a Indiana bat weigh?

An Indiana bat weighs about 1/4 an ounce.

How much cricket bat weight?

Tennis Ball bat have weight about 1/4 kg.. And the Bat use in international cricket has the weight of 1/2 kg to 1 kg aproximately.

What are some the rules of softball?

1 Stay in the baseline 2 when you play fast pitch you will need a fast pitch bat 3 when you are in the field stay out of the baseline

The cost of two baseball bats is 360 If the aluminum bat costs 40 more than the wood bat what is the cost of the aluminum bat?

The cost of the aluminum bat is 200. 360 divided by the number of bats (2) plus one half (1/2 or .5) of the difference in the cost of the two bats. (.5 x 40 = 20) 360/2 + (.5x40)=200

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