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Q: How much do you pay to get in the Olympics?
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How much did US pay for 2012 Olympics uniforms cost?


How much did the ancient Greek people pay to make the Olympics?

200 dolars

How much did China pay to build the China Olympics Stadium?

55,674,300 dollars

How much do you pay to compete in the Olympics?

if you want any Olympics information click in the link

How much does Usain Bolt earn per race?

You cant earn money in the Olympics. The Olympics pay for a win with fame and a gold medal.

Do sports pay athletes in the Olympics?

No, they do not.

Do athletes have to pay for their flights to the Olympics?


Who will pay for the Olympics in London?

The British Government

How much did NBC pay for the rights to televise the 2008 Olympics?

They paid $894 million for the television broadcast rights in the United States.

How did US pay for 2008 Olympics?

They didn't, China did

Do athletes pay entry fees to participate in Olympics?

no they do not

Was cheating in the Ancient Olympics okay?

No. The Greeks placed much stigma on cheating, if and when it was discovered. Punishment included disqualification and exclusion.