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There is no fixed answer as the price of tickets varies with the venue. In large cities in Spain and Mexico the price for tickets will be greater than in small towns, especially if major figuras are on the cartel. Prices also vary with location in the bullring. Seats on the shady side are more costly than on the sunny side. Front row seats (barrera) are more costly than seats far up in the stands in the general admission section. Prices could vary from a few dollars to a hundred or more for prime seats in major venues.

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Q: How much do you have to pay to see a bullfight?
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To see a bullfight would you go to London Rome or Madrid?


To see a bullfight where would you go?

London or Rome or Madrid

When is the best time to see a bullfight in Madrid?

The temporada (bullfight season) in Madrid runs from mid-May until October. Fights are usually held each Sunday afternoon.

How much time passes from the beginning of the bullfight and the death of the bull?

A traditional bullfight usually consists of three matadors each killing two bulls for a total of six animals. Each takes about 20 minutes so the total length of a bullfight is about 2 hours.

Why people bullfight are okay with them getting hurt an kill?

In countries such as Mexico and Spain bullfighting is a sport. The sport has risks, much like bullriding and they don't see it as animal cruelty.

Who is more important in a bullfight?

There are many important participants in a bullfight but the main ones are the matador and the bull. Without either of these there could be no bullfight.

At what sporting event would you see a matador perform?

You would see a matador at a bullfight. However, bullfighting is not considered a sport but an art.

Where can you see a bullfight?

Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France, several countries in Central and South America.

Who can attend a bullfight?

Anyone may attend a bullfight if they have the price of admission.

What is the average length of a bullfight?

In a regular bullfight there are usually six bulls and each takes about 20 minutes. A normal bullfight lasts about 2 hours.

How many bulls do they kill every day in a bullfight?

On a trip to Spain, I attended a bullfight. They killed 6 bulls that day. I will NEVER go to another bullfight.

How much does a matador earn?

In Spain a matador earns $50,000 to 656,000 per bullfight

How do you know when a bullfight is over?

The bullfight is over when the final bull (6th) is killed.

What is a bullfight star?

The matador, the torero who kills the bull, is the star of the bullfight.

Why are bulls used to bullfight?

Since it is called a bullfight, it would be quite strange to use anything but a bull. For example: a horse, a goat, pig or a squid would really be out of place in a bullfight.

How many bulls are there in a traditional bullfight?

There are 6 bulls in a traditional bullfight.there are 6

How do you price your artwork?

You see how much people will pay for it.

Where would you see a matador?

Your best bet to see a matador would be at a bullfight in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France or in one of several countries in Central or South America.

Who goes or attends a bullfight?

Things/people that attend a bullfight are: the audience (dressed nicely), the bulls, and matadors.

What is a bullfight?

A bullfight is a public spectacle in Spain and Latin American countries, in which a person baits and often kills a bull.

How many matadors are there in a bullfight?

In a traditional Spanish bullfight there are usually 3 matadores, each fighting two bulls.

What are the release dates for In the Bleachers - 2002 Bullfight?

In the Bleachers - 2002 Bullfight was released on: USA: 2002

How many bullfighters are there in a bullfight?

In a traditional Spanish bullfight there are usually 3 matadores, each fighting two bulls.

Which country would you visit to see a bullfight?

Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France, and in some Central American and South American countries.

How much does it cost to go to a bullfight?

Bullfight tickets have risen in cost in recent years. However, the cost is dependent on several factors. Tickets to see major 'figuras' in major bullrings is going to be more expensive than seeing a less popular fighter in a smaller venue. Also, where you sit makes a big difference. If you sit in the front rows on the shady side, the tickets will cost much more than if you sit in the general admission area on the sunny side.