How much do volleyball shorts costs?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Volleyball shorts (spandex) can range from approximately ten dollars to twenty-five dollars depending on the design, qualiy, where you live, and brand name.

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Q: How much do volleyball shorts costs?
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What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

Does Big5 sell cheap volleyball shorts?

Depending on what your definition of "cheap" is, but Big5 does not sell cheap volleyball shorts. Also, Big5 is very limited for different styles of shorts and not gender friendly. Volleyball shorts only come in men's.

What sizes are available for volleyball shorts?

Volleyball shorts come in various colors and sizes. Volleyball shorts can cover toddlers, to plus sized adult without difficulty. Many people play volleyball, and that is why manufacturer need a lot of sizes.

Do you have to wear shorts for volleyball?


Where can you purchase volleyball shorts?

You can purchase volleyball shorts at local sports equipment/goods stores or department stores. You can just save money and buy normal shorts. It works the same way.

What do you have to wear for beach volleyball?

you have to wear shorts and a teashirt

What do you need in the game volleyball?

You need : Knee pads Spanex Shorts Volleyball Socks Volleyball Shoes A Volleyball Water - All of this can Be found at

What are the equipment in volleyball?

net, volleyball, jersey (aka shirt) and spandex shorts, knee pads

How much does a volleyball cost?

it costs at least a little over 100 cause i have 1

How much does you cost to build a volleyball court?

It costs around $1,000 most likely....

What equimpment is used to play volleyball 2 or 3 things?

Volleyball Net Volleyball Court For clothes: Knee Pads Sometimes special volleyball shorts If you are on a team, volleyball jerseys

Where do they sell spandex?

Usually you can get spandex shorts from volleyball tournaments