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Tickets for Super Bowl games can be very expensive, especially if you're close to the field. Depending on what section in the arena you're in you could spend between $400 and $2000 dollars.

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How would do World Series tickets cost?

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$5.00 per b0ttle

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Q: How much do tickets for Super Bowl games usually cost?
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Were does the Super Bowl salary come from?

other games played at other stadiums, the tickets bought during the season pay for the super bowl.

When can you buy tickets for the 2014 Super Bowl?

Tickets for 2014 Super Bowl are on sale now since March of 2013.

How do you buy super bowl 47 tickets?

There are many reliable online ticket brokers where you can get super bowl 47 tickets.

How many Super Bowl tickets does each player get that plays in the Super Bowl?

The number of tickets each team gets is based on a percentage of the seating capacity of the stadium where the Super Bowl is being held. The two teams that are playing in the game each get 17.5 percent of the total tickets and the other 28 teams each get 1.2 percent of the total tickets.

How many tickets do players in the super bowl get?

35% of all tickets

What do super bowl tickets for xxv look like?

see ticket for super bowl xxv

Do season ticket holders get rights to away playoff games?

No they do not because the season ticket holders of the home team gets tickets and the other seats are just for sale. In the Super Bowl the away team's season ticket holders may get right to tickets, if they purchased their teams home playoff game tickets, if they had any home games, they will be entered in a lottery. Each team in the Super Bowl gets 17.5% of the tickets. If you win the lottery for the tickets through your season tickets, you get half the seats you have for your season tickets, I believe, so if you have 4 season tickets and you win the lottery, you get 2 Super Bowl tickets.

Where can you buy 2010 Super Bowl tickets?

Tickets for the 2010 Super Bowl are sold out. You might want to look on eBay or stubhub for people reselling their tickets. Be prepared to spend a lot of money!

How much are super-bowl tickets at the satidum?

You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game. You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game. You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game.

How many weeks are between the conference championships and Super Bowl?

There are usually 2 weeks between the NFC & AFC Championship games and the Super Bowl. Starting in 2009 they are playing the Pro Bowl on the Sunday in between the Super Bowl and the Championship games.

When did it go from championship to Super Bowl?

"Super Bowl" was pretty much always an unofficial nickname for it, though the tickets for the first three games (1967, 1968, 1969) were printed as "World Championship Game".

How much do Philadelphia Eagles tickets cost?

The attendance at Super Bowl XLII was 71,101. The attendance at Super Bowl XLI was 74,512 and the attendance at Super Bowl XL was 68,206. The 2011 Super Bowl will have more than 100,000 people.