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Q: How much do they pay the half time entertainment at super bowl?
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How much did prince make at the super bowl?

The half time entertainers for the Super Bowl do not get paid. The world wide exposure is considered to be compensation enough.

How much does The Who get paid to do the super bowl half time show?

1 million

How much did the Super Bowl commercial cost at half time?

3 million

How much does it cost to air a commercial during the super bowl?

two and a half million for a half minute

How much money did Madonna make for the Super Bowl half time show?


How much are the Black Eyed Peas paid to perform at the Super Bowl half time?

They didn't get paid at all

How much is a 1995 super bowl cowboys ring?

They Did not win the super bowl in 1995, they won the super bowl in '93, '94 and '96.

How much did a super bowl trophy cost in 1941?

The first Super Bowl wasn't until 1967.

How much money did a player on the winning super bowl team make in super bowl 1?


How much do Super Bowl adds cost during this years Super Bowl?

$3.5 million. No joke.

How much money did doritos spend on Super Bowl commercials?

Every commercial cost 3,500,000 on the super bowl

How much did a Super Bowl ad cost in the 2012 Super Bowl?

Around 1.2 to 3.5 million dollars