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Q: How much do the filet mignon cost at Michael Jordan's restaurant?
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How much do filet mignon cost at Michael jordans restaurants?

too much! like $29

Which is correct petit filet mignon or petite filet mignon?

petit filet mignon

How do you use filet mignon in a sentence?

The filet mignon was delicious. I enjoyed the filet mignon. My friend didn't like the filet mignon as he found it undercooked and underseasoned. Filet mignon is French for 'cute fillet' or 'dainty fillet.'

What is a good sentence with the word filet mignon in it?

I would like to have my filet mignon cooked medium well, please. Filet mignon is not on the breakfast menu...

Does filet mignon come from a calf?

No, filet mignon does not come from a calf. Filet mignon comes from the smaller portion of the tenderloin in a steer or heifer.

What does mignon in filet mignon stand for?

Filet mignon is French for "cute fillet" or "dainty fillet" of steak. Strictly speaking, it is only a filet mignon if cut from the very top end of the tenderloin.

How many calories does a 4oz filet mignon have?

There are approximately 52 calories per ounce in a Filet Mignon. On a 4oz filet mignon there are approximately 208 calories. 52 calories per oz X 4oz = 208 calories Enjoy your Filet Mignon!

Is a filet mignon the same as a tenderloin?

No, a tenderloin is thinner and tougher, and filet mignon is thicker and more tender.

Filet butt roast is that considered filet mignon?

is a fillet butt roast considered fillet Mignon

What nicknames did Mignon Anderson go by?

Mignon Anderson went by Filet Mignon.

Can it be filet mignon from pig?


What are the release dates for Filet Mignon - 2009 SUSPENDED?

Filet Mignon - 2009 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2009