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Q: How much do the NBA play to whip up sweat off the floor?
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When was The Whip - play - created?

The Whip - play - was created in 1917.

What are the functions of the floor leaders and their whip in both houses?

what is the functions of a floor.

Who does the floor leader rank higher than in the congress?

The whip

What are the party caucus and party whip?

Party Caucus is a closed meeting and party whip is assistant of party floor leaders

What are the jobs of the floor leader adn the whip in the legislative process?

what is the functions of a floor.

How much is whip?

a whip is 200k but whips are only for members

Who are the current party officers of the house?

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House Steny Hoyer is the Majority Floor Leader John Boyhner? is the Minority Floor Leader James Clyburn is the Majority Whip Erick Cantor is the Minority Whip

In congress whip are?

Answer: Selected members who assist the floor leaders with political duties.

A person chosen specifically to help a floor leader?

party whip - nova net

What are floor leaders and party whips?

# The difference between a floor leader and a whip is the floor leader is the majority leader or minority leader in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. Where as the whip is The party official who rounds up party votes

What is the best translation into standard English of this piece of dialect from Hurston's Sweat Sykes what you throw dat whip on me like dat?

"Sykes, why did you throw that whip on me like that?" is the best translation into Standard English of this piece of dialect.

How much money did Whip It gross worldwide?

Whip It grossed $18,856,151 worldwide.