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The commentators are employees of their television channels or radio station and not employed by the Atlanta Braves. I could not find thier salaried anywhere, probably the tv channels/ radio stations do not release their salaries. Below is a list of Braves commentators and their employers in 2012.

Current announcers

Chip Caray: (play-by-play, 1991-1992, 2005-present) Peachtree TV, FSN South and SportSouth

Joe Simpson: (analyst, 1992-present) Peachtree TV, FSN South, and SportSouth

Tom Glavine: (guest analyst, 2010-present) FSN South and Peachtree TV

Brian Jordan: (guest analyst, 2011-present) Peachtree TV broadcasts

Ron Gant: (analyst, 2011-present) Peachtree TV broadcasts

Don Sutton: (play-by-play, and analyst 1989-2006, 2009-present) Braves Radio Network

Jim Powell: (Play by Play 2009-present) Braves Radio Network

Mark Lemke: (analyst, 2007-present) Braves Radio Network

Pete Manzano: (play-by-play, 1992-present) Atlanta Braves International Radio Network and TBS SAP

Fernando Palacios: (analyst, 2003-present) TBS SAP

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Q: How much do the Atlanta Braves commentators make?
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