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£2.25 per bowl

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Q: How much do strawberries and cream cost at Wimbledon tennis?
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How much does a strawberries and cream cost at Starbucks?

About $ 4.50 I get it almost every day.!

What was the cost of the new roof on the Center Court of Wimbledon?

£80m. Source:

How much do Wimbledon tickets cost?

Refer to the Wimbledon link, below, for information concerning tickets to the Wimbledon Championships.

How much does a strawberries cost at tescos?

it depends on the amount of strawberries that you buy! :D

How much do strawberries cost?


How much does Belgian roof insulation cost?

Uh, do you mean how much does it cost to insulate a Belgian roof? Or is there some special insulation that comes with Strawberries and Whipped Cream? Furthermore, what kind of insulation?

How much does a quart of strawberries cost?

There is no set price on strawberries, and the price will vary by location. Also, nobody measures strawberries in quarts.

How much does strawberries cost at walmart?


How much does ten strawberries cost?

about £2.00

How much does a pack of strawberries cost?


How much do strawberries cost at Palmate?


How much did it cost to build Wimbledon?

£22 million

How much does it cost to play at Wimbledon?

It cost me 500 Dollars But It's super fun !

Cost of nivea fairness cream?

nivea fairness cream cost

How much did Wimbledon centre court cost?

2 pound

How much do tickets to the Wimbledon final cost?

3750 euros

How much do tickets cost for Wimbledon 2008?

{| |- | I have heard that tickets for Wimbledon are expensive but you can check out actual price on some websites |}

How much does strawberries cost at food 4 less?

it will be 10.00

How many strawberries are in a punnet?

It varies depending on the size of the punnet and the size of the strawberries. On my brother's strawberry farm the filled punnets are invariably weighed to achieve a roughly standard weight (i.e. not less than the advertised weight). For "pick-your-own" the customer's punnet is weighed to determine the cost. So the number of strawberries in any given punnet depends on the size of the individual strawberries.

How much does it cost to join a tennis club?

it dipens what tennis club you go to.

How much ice cream cost in walmart?

Ice cream there cost about $5.00. Its really cheap

How much does a punnet cost of strawberries?

Roughly £1/£1.50 in the UK.

How much does strawberries and creme frappuccino cost at Starbucks?

4000 dollars

What is the average cost of a pack of strawberries?

7.99 at the local convient store

How much would 20 chocolate coated strawberries cost?

It Varies :)