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They Make an estimated 10% of any contract there athlete makes.

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Q: How much do sports agents get paid?
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How much does a sports agent get paid?

Sports agents are generally paid a percentage of their clients' contracts. According to, agents get about 15% of their clients salary. They get a higher percentage with endorsement deals. This is incorrect! Sports Agents get 3% on wages and 4% on endorsements. More than this you are paying too much.

Do sports agents get paid overtime?

No. They usually work on a commission basis.

How much do sports owner get paid?

It depends.

How much do sports scientists get paid?


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How much do FBI agents get paid a year?

$58,000 a year to start

How much do CIA agents get paid?

i dont know. they are sworn to to secrecy

How much do PR agents get paid?

It depends upon there communication skill.

Do sports agents get paid a percentage of the yearly contract or the whole contract?

usually it is negotiated in the contract so that would be a yes

How much do you get paid in sports direct?

2000000000 a day

Do sports stars get paid too much?


How much do Sports photographers get paid?

$120,000 a year.

Why do sports stars get paid so much?

your gay

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Can women be sports agents?

Yes women can be sport agents

How much do business insurance agents get paid annually in Ontario?

Insurance agents get paid on commission. The usual range for commission is between 5% and 15% of the amount of the premium sold. The average commission is about 10%.

How much does a Football Sports Trainer get paid?

lots of greenbacks

How much do MC sports workers get paid?

Ihave no idea

How much does a sports columnist get paid?

About $35,000. Some of the top sports columnists can get paid about half a million a year, but that's a very few number of people.

How much do sports medicine doctors get paid?

well approx they get paid yearly around £75,000 - £90,000.

How much money do sports agents earn per year?

They make 1$ per year.

How much does a sports broadcaster get paid?

704.00 dollars per week

Who was the highest paid sports athlete in 2000 and how much did they earn?


How much does an average sports journalist get paid a year?

$5,000,253 a second

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