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Some Basketball players get paisd over 5,000,000 a year

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Q: How much do professional basketball players earn per year?
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How much does a professional sports player earn yearly?

It depends. But quite a lot. E.g. basketball players make 1 to 4 millions.

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

How much do basketball players earn in the Swedish basketball league?

alot alot

How much do basketball players earn in the English Basketball League?

most basketball players make about 100,000 per basket!!! that's alot of money

How much does a professional basketball coach earn?

13million a month .

How much do basketball players earn a year in the US?

A couple million.

How much money does a professional basketball player in Mexico earn?


How much do professional basketball coaches make?

The professional basketball coaches make an average of $3.4 million per year. There are professional coaches in the USA who earn more than this.

How much do professional women basketball players get paid a year?


How much do and 1 basketball players earn?

£110 pounds a week init!

How much do d league basketball players earn?

A whole lotta money

How much do semi professional English football players earn?

championship players earn thousands league 1 thousands league 2 thousand

How much did a professional football player in 1960's earn playing for Manchester united?

how much did proffisonal players earn in the 1096

How much are professional woman basketball players paid?

they are paid 250,000 a game

How much money earn professional basketball player earn per game?

1 cent per 10 years

How much did basketball players earn in 1930?

About $35 per game. Real superstars as much as $80.

How much money does a professional basketball player earn in Luxembourg?

1500-2500 Euros

How much do professional baseball players earn per year?

at least 50,000,000

How much do professional soccer players earn in Dubai?

200k per game

How much money does a professional basketball player in the US earn?

the average is 10 million a year.

How much do players earn in the british basketball league?

Not alot, sadly, The funding in Basketball isn't that big in this country, the average you can earn is £500, so, yeah, if you want to earn thousands, go to Spain or a Turkish Airlines country like Turkey, Italy or Greece, those Country pay alot for Basketball. Want to earn as much as NBA Players do, go to Australasia or Canada, those leagues pay alot.

How much does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

How much money does professional basketball player earn?

The amount of money a professional basketball player earns will vary. It will depend on how good they are and which team they play on. The average pro basketball player salary is about $2 million per year.

How much mone do women basketball players earn?

In the WNBA they're saleries are between $30,000-$100,000.

How much do a basketball player earn?

According to " Median annual earnings of athletes were $48,310 in 2004-this means that half earned more than this amount and half earned less. Pay for professional athletes vary with the sport. Jockeys, for example, may get a part of the purse or a set fee. Stock car drivers may earn several hundred thousand dollars for a race. Boxers can earn millions of dollars for a fight, and baseball, football, and basketball players may earn millions a year if they are superstars. Tennis players and golfers usually get paid according to how well they play compared to other players. It is only the star professional, however, who earns the "big" money. Those in the "minors" earn very little. "