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30 to 50 thousand

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Q: How much do pro wrestlers make on the Indy market?
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How much do pro wrestlers make on the Indy market per show?

they make over 30,000 a day

How much do wrestlers make?

more than you think

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How much should you pay wrestlers in your new federation?

depends on how much you are making. how many wrestlers you have. how good they are. it would be eaier for you to make a chart with all your roster onit and how good they are and how much they earn.

How much do wrestlers make a year?

about $100,000 per year it depends if his really famous.

How much does nxt wrestlers make?

more than 500,000 dollars per year

How much WWE wrestlers are their?


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The 3.5 liter engine of an Indy Racing League Series Indy car produces more than 675 horsepower.

How much do developmental wrestlers make?

Progresional wrestlers mostly pull in jack squat but there whole goal is too go to the big leagues the WWE or TNA. They averagely bring 500 bucks a show.

How much of a WWE match is improvised by the wrestlers and how much of it is rehearsed?

i know the end is scripted, but appart from important moments in the match, is the rest up to the wrestlers?

How much money does a market research analyst earn?

How much money does a Market Research Analysts make?

How much money does WWE wrestlers?

It depends on how popular they are.