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20 pence a year

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2012-08-12 17:50:39
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Q: How much do pro soccer players make a week?
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How much soccer players make?

it depends on who the play for or how good they are the most is Eto for barcelona he gets 380,000 a week

How much do pro soccer players make a game?

it depends on who u play for but if your really good you make over 380,000 a week

How much hours do soccer players work?

18.5 hours a week

How much do female soccer players earns a week?

The best national players may earn several hundred to a thousand dollars per week, but in general, female soccer players are not very well paid.

How much do soccer players make per week?

probably like 10 to 12,000 a week if you are a good player you will make like 15 to 30,000 and if you are amazing you can make anywhere between 50,000 to 200,000

Do wrestlers earn more than soccer players?

No, most soccer players get about 200 thousand a week

How much are soccer players paid in Sweden per week?

50,000 grand (AIK fotbol)

When do soccer players get paid?

at the end of every week

How much money do soccer players get every week?

That depends on how good they are and the contract that they manage to negotiate (and how much the agents take as a cut).

How much do baseball players make in a week?

it depends who you are talking about

How much do soccer players get played?

mostly 80,000 ~ 100,000 euro per week for famous guys. Young players who are like 17 years old get paid about 3,000 euro per week.

How much does pro soccer players get paid?

soccer players salary varies very much according to pro-status, you may have some making $40,000 dollars per year. And others like David Beckam making 300,000 a WEEK!

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