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About 3,000,000 a year.

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Q: How much do players on the And1 Tour earn?
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How much does a tour manager earn?

A Tour Manager earn between $1,500.00 and $ 4,500 a week.

How much money do players earn from participating in ATP Champions Tour events?

the get payed 2 billion dollars for participating if you win you another 1 million

How much do you earn doing tourism?

you only earn the tips people give you at the end of the tour.

What do sofapaka players earn in Kenya?

Highest payed players earns how much

How much do semi professional English football players earn?

championship players earn thousands league 1 thousands league 2 thousand

How much does championship players earn a year?


How much do Chelsea players earn a week?


On average how much do premiership footballers earn in a year without endorsements?

Premiership players earn an average of 31,000 pounds a week. The best players can receive as much as 250,000 pounds a week.

How much do PGA tour golf instructors make?

Pga tour instructors usually teach their tour players for free. If they do charge money, it's not any more than the public. They make their money teaching the public. The tour players are just their biggest advertisements....

How much does a tour guide earn in a year?

he earns 12000 a year

How much did a professional football player in 1960's earn playing for Manchester united?

how much did proffisonal players earn in the 1096

How much do Australian netball players get paid?

Australian Netball players do not get paid as much as European soccer players or American baseball players. Some of the best players only earn $150,000 each year.

How can tennis players earn so much money?

by winning

How much do premier league football players earn?


How much do soccer players earn from 1 match?


How much do A-league players earn?

Around 4000 a week

How much do pro football players earn?

On average, about $1,000,000

How much do rugby players earn a week?

Top players £60,000 a year. So a week: £1153.84

How much money do Australian soccer players earn?

truth be told, socer players are payed a salary

Why do baseball players earn so much?

Supply and Demand. People pay to see the best players.

How much did the Backstreet Boys earn with their unbreakable tour?

to much for their resounding lack of anything resembling talent

How much do soccer players earn per year?

Depending who they play for? In the English Premier League, players earn about £50-60,000 a week, so that works out to be, £2,600,000-£3,120,000!

How much does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

How much do South African soccer players earn?

they Earn bout 30000 dollars a month so that's why

How much do league 1 players earn?

Players like Jermaine Easter get paid £500 per match.