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Q: How much do nice ice skates cost?
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How much does a good pair of ice skates cost?

about 200

How much do iceskates cost?

Ice skates cost about $99.00 or 100 something dollars.

How much does a pair of ice skates cost?

20000,0000000000000000 pounds only for multi millionares like me

How much are ice-skates?

about $237

How much does ice skating skates and lessons cost together?

I can tell you one thing... For good skates and a good coach to teach you, it coasts a LOT of money.

How much do ice skates weigh in kilograms?


What is the cost of the Mission 90-Xp ice skate?

The cost of the Mission Fuel 90XP ice skate can vary depending on where you purchase the skates and the condition of the skates. They can range in price from about $60 to over $150.

How much taller are you when wearing ice skates?

When wearing ice skates you are about 2 to 3 inches taller than your height when your flatfooted

Which are the safest toddler ice skates?

There are a few different brands of ice skates, but there are no toddler ice skates. Ice skates should not be put on a toddler and a toddler cannot ice skate.

How much do lessons and ice skates typically cost?

For beginners, ice skates will cost around $100-$200 depending on the skates. The lessons vary in costs, but group lessons will generally be cheaper than private lessons. Group lessons are usually around $20 per lesson - but you will have to buy a package. Individual lessons are typically around $100 per session.

How are figure skates and hockey skates different?

hockey skates have a more curved blade then ice skates. also, they are probably made to be tied much more loose.

Were can you get ice skates?

You can buy ice skates probably in a sports store. Or maybe if you live near an ice rink, you could get some in there. There is always eBay as well i just got some really nice brand new ones from eBay.

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