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Good quality Basketball shoes can cost anywhere from $50 to $120 depending on the brand of shoe, and where you buy them.

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Q: How much do good basketball shoes cost?
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How much do basketball shoes cost in Sports Authority?

Usually around $50.00.

How much is Nike basketball shoes?

Nike Elite BasketBall shoes are $150.000

How much money does blackmensaviausflag sneakers cost on basketball equipment shoes and accessories?

46 dollars

How much did Nike shoes cost in 2000?

about $50-$70, for a pair of nike basketball shoes, now they range from $80 at the low and $240 at the high.

How much does regular basketball equipment cost?

how much does basketball equipment cost?

How much does basketball cost?

It will cost $30.

How much DC shoes cost?

DC shoes cost $90.oo

How much does a pair of sneakers cost in 2008?

Skateboarding shoes cost about 50+$, but regular sneakers cost about 40 if they are good quality.

How much does good basketball cost?

about 20 bucks probably cheaper if you get one on black friday.

How much does 1 pair of shoes cost?

Depends on if you buy it in a garbage place or a good place

How much did a pair of shoes cost in 1955?

The cost of a pair of shoes in 1955 ran from $3.95 to $9.95. You could often find good sales for women's and children's clearance shoes marked down to $3.00.

Free shoes cost how much?

Nike free run shoes cost about $65 to $75.

4 pairs of shoes cost $80 how much does 7 pairs of shoes cost?


Why do Jordan shoes cost so much?

because it is a famous basketball player i always get them but they usally cost over 100dollars if it is a nice kind i always get the nice kind not the crapy kind

How much does it cost to play aau basketball?

about 500 to 2,000 bucks, it depends if the team is good or not, and the traveling.

How much does a basketball cost?

around 30$.

How much does a basketball gym cost?


How much does a basketball backboard cost?


How much will a 35 pair of shoes cost if the price is reduced to 40 percent?

The shoes will cost 21.

How much specifically do Italian shoes cost?

The cost of Italian shoes depends on the brand. For example, Gucci shoes can cost between $600 and $800, while Christian Louboutin shoes can cost from $2,000 to $3,000.

How much does Kobe shoes cost?

£69 ;)

How much did shoes cost in 1860?


How much did shoes cost in the 1940s?


How much do f50 shoes cost?


How much do crocodile shoes cost?