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about $16000 a yr.

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Q: How much do dancers on dwts make per season?
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How much do dancers make in Phoenix AZ?

How much do dancers make in Phoenix az

How much does a famous dancers make?

zero dollars

How much does Justin Bieber pay his back up dancers?

i think dancers earn $17.00 i think dancers earn $17.00

How much are the pro dancers paid on dwts?

Depends what sort of dancer they are. Commercial dancers, MTV dancers may get up to $3000 per day. A ballet dancer may get $400 per week (corps). A Broadway dancer may get around $800 per week. And a Stripper may get up to $2000 per night. It all depends what sort of dancing they are doing and who for.

How much do nba dancers make?

30,000 to 40,000 dollars

How much money do Lady Gaga's dancers make?


How much does William Levy on DWTS get paid?


How much do stars get per round in DWTS?


How much Miami Heat dancers make?

More than zero

What is the middle of the money ballet dancers make?

Ballet dancers are paid $15,000-$30,000 US dollars on average annually. However this depends on the level of the company and its prestige, and the position you hold in the company. For example, dancers at American Ballet Theatre make more money than dancers at the Portland Ballet Company. Also, principal dancers will make much more than dancers in the corps de ballet.

How much money do the professional dancers make?

About Just Under 1 Million A Year.

How much money do back up dancers make for beyonce?

Though Beyonce's dancers' salaries are not made public, most backup dancers earn around $500 per show. However, it's very difficult to work up to that type of salary, and most dancers start out working for much lower rates.