How much do cricketers get paid?

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sachin tendulkar gets like 60 crore/ year

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Q: How much do cricketers get paid?
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How much do test cricketers get paid?

They make over 200,000,000,000,000,000 in 55 years.

How much cricketers get paid per match?

Well according to me cricketers are paid according to their performance a match x hits 90 runs and y hit 30 x will get more money paid

How much Indian cricketers get paid?

69 billion thai baht per second

How much do England cricketers earn?

depends..someget paid millions eg peiterson. sponsoership depends on this

How much does Bangladeshi cricketers get paid for a match?

10000 dollars for one day anf test 15000 dollars

How much does an England test cricketer get paid each match?

£250,000-£400,000 Top Cricketers Earn Upto £700,000

How much money do famous cricketers make?


Why is hockey being neglected in India?

Mainly as they are paid less then cricketers. the government hardly funds hockey.

When was The cricketers created?

The cricketers was created in 1948.

How much do Pakistani cricketers get earn per match?


How much does a cricketer get paid for a match?

A cricketer annually makes some where around $200,000 to $10million Indian cricketers usually get paid the most because of the popularity and higher skill level of their players. Sachin Tendulkar makes around $15million

Who gets paid more cricket players or rugby payers?

The wages are not that much different. Professional Rugby Player and Cricketers are paid on average 25,000 per year. This is without appearance fees, after dinner speeches etc which increase income considerably

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