How much do companies pay for Super Bowl commercials?

Updated: 9/28/2023

It’s gotta be an insane amount by now. How much do companies pay for just 30 seconds of airtime?

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Joanne Skiles

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Short answer: a lot. Longer answer: a whole lot. More than before.

Full answer: In 2020, the game’s priciest 30-second commercial slots sold for $5–5.6 million. Slots before and after the game, meanwhile, sold for $2–3 million. Considering that in 2008, that was the cost of an in-game commercial, it’s safe to say that the cost of advertising is going up.

They cost so much, obviously, because so many people watch it. Since 2008, average viewership for the game has routinely eclipsed 100 million people. Of the top 20 most-viewed single-network broadcasts in American history, 19 of them were Super Bowls (shoutout to the M*A*S*H finale for cracking that top 20).

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Edward Lakin

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Hey Jingli

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The average cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl has ranged from $37,500 at Super Bowl I to around $2.2 million at Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. By Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, the cost had doubled to around $4.5 million, and by Super Bowl LIV in 2020, the cost had reached $5.6 million for a 30-second slot.

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Davin Lysik

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In the 2020 Super Bowl Tide paid around 22 million for 4 commercials so you do the math. 

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Q: How much do companies pay for Super Bowl commercials?
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