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8000 per episode

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Q: How much do basketball wives on vh1 get paid?
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How much do mob wives on vh1 get paid?

Too much if you ask me!

What shows are broadcast on VH1?

VH1 is famous for their "Love and Hip-Hop..." series as well as "Basketball Wives". The channel is also well known for "Mob Wives".

What are the most popular shows on VH1?

Some of the popular shows on VH1 are: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Couples Therapy, Hit the Floor, Model Employee, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, Celebrity Rehab, Dad Camp, Football Wives, Hollywood Exes, to name a few.

Is mob wives real on vh1?


Who owns flirty girl fitness?

They say it's Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives on VH1.It is owned by two sisters Kerry and Krista Knee.

Who owns flirty girls fitness?

The lady that is on the basketball wives show on vh1. Her name on the show is Jennifer. She is married to retired basketball man named Eric. She admitted it during the show that she own flirty girl fitness...

How much money does ray j make?

$24,000,000/ year for his show on VH1 he made $300,000/ episode You are off by so much... His VH1 show paid $500,000 for a two year contract.

What are some vh1 top 20 shows?

VH1's top shows include: Audrina, Basketball Wives, Behind the Music Remastered, Best Week Ever, Big Ang, Celebracadabra, Daisy of Love, Excused, Flavor of Love, Get Schooled, Hogan Knows Best 2, I love Money 2, Making Mr. Right, New York Goes to Hollywood, Real Chance of Love 2, VH1 Rock Docs, Tool Academy 2, and VH1 Tough Love 2. These are taken directly from the list of top shows on VH1's website.

How much does ti make from vh1?

100 Million

How much is Jimmy Page worth?

$85million, estimated by VH1

How old are the Mob Wives on VH1?

Season 4: Renee is 44, Big Ang is 53, Drita is 37, Alicia is 40, & Natalie is 31

What channel is vh1 on charter cable?

VH1 was on 34

Who is better MTV or VH1?

MTV is better than vh1.

Who is Antoine Walker's girlfriend?

his ex-girlfriend's first name is evelyn and can be seen on VH1's reality show "Basketball Wives", which chronicles the current lives of only one "wife" of an NBA player and girlfriends, childrens' mothers, and jump-offs of other players. (walker's ex-girlfriend is not his wife and, therefore, does not have his last name)

What channel is vh1 on dish?

VH1 is on Dish TV channel 162.

What does VH1 actually stand for?

VH1 stands for "Video Hits One."

Who is going to win vh1 you love money?

Signed Vh1 represenitives

Who is Draya Michele?

Draya Michele is an Actress/Model born January 23, 1985) who currently resides in Los Angles California.Draya is Notable Known for her relationship with international superstar Chris Brown.and her alleged child endangerment accusations on the Internet. She may be seen on VH1's Reality series Basketball Wives: LA as the main antagonist.

What channel is vh1 on dish network?

VH1 is on channel 162 and VH1 Classic on channel 162. VH1 is available in the America's Top 120 and above programming packages. VH1 Classic is available with America's Top 250 and above. Ray Calo DISH Network Channel 162

Where can someone watch VH1 Storytellers free online?

Someone can watch VH1 Storytellers free online from the VH1 website. The website offers clips of the VH1 Storytellers show for viewers to watch free of any charges.

Where are vh1 top 100 90s songs?

Go to VH1 or check out the related link

What band was too boring for vh1?

Trick question. No band is too boring for VH1.

What are the release dates for VH1 Presents--- - 1991?

VH1 Presents--- - 1991 was released on: USA: 1991

What are the release dates for VH1 Legends - 1995 The Who?

VH1 Legends - 1995 The Who was released on: USA: 1997

How much do ti and tiny make on vh1's a family hustle?

TI and Tiny from their VH1 show Family Hustle make about $10,000 per episode as of 2012. TI has a net worth of $40 million.