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A lot of money

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Q: How much do basketball players get payed?
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Where and when were the first basketball players paid?

they first payed basketball players in 1896

How does duration of game pay differ from basketball or football?

Players in football get payed every game or by a contract. Basketball players get payed every game.

Do college basketball players get payed?

No.Yes only when they win the game.

How much salary does a NCAA basketball player make each game?

youre an idiot!! ncaa players are college players, they dont get payed!! MORON!

Who gets paid more basketball players or baseball players?

Baseball players by far. Look at Alex Rodriguez The answer above is totally wrong basketball players like shaq, kobe, lebron and garnett get payed more than jeter (the highest payed baseball player)

Why do basketball players get paid so much?

basketball players are rich. im only 10. my dad only makes 50,000 a year. i feel bad. basketball players get 20 million

What do sofapaka players earn in Kenya?

Highest payed players earns how much

How much money do volleyball players make a year?

there payed in mints

How much money do Australian soccer players earn?

truth be told, socer players are payed a salary

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

Which has more injuries basketball or soccer?

Soccer players get injured much more than basketball players.

How much money do basketball players make?

It depends on what level of basketball, and where. In the NBA, the average salary for a year is around $10 million. For college and below, they are not payed. In Europe, the pay rates are slightly lower, as well as in other parts of the world.

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