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Baseball players get paid about 20,000 dollars a game

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Q: How much do baseball players get paid a game?
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How much were negro baseball players paid?

They are paid about 2,000,000

How much do coaches get paid for pro bowl?

they get paid as much as the players win the game.

How much do pro bowl coaches get paid?

they get paid as much as the players win the game

How much do Pro Baseball players get paid?

Since pro baseball players were paid much less back in the 1900's... many people think that they are paid too much. The average pro baseball salary is 12 million dollars, acording to U.S. baseball. So the answer is YES.

Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

How much do Australian netball players get paid?

Australian Netball players do not get paid as much as European soccer players or American baseball players. Some of the best players only earn $150,000 each year.

How much are professional woman basketball players paid?

they are paid 250,000 a game

How much were baseball players paid in1947?


Why don't pro softball players do not get paid as well as pro baseball players?

Professional softball players are paid less than professional baseball players because softball is not as popular as baseball. Baseball has a much bigger market in the economy, as proven by the baseball stadiums, playing cards, t-shirts, and hats. Because of all the profits that these things generate, they are able to pay their players more. Softball does not have this kind of publicity, and there for the money that flows into the organizations involved in the sport do not draw as much money either. Because they do not draw as much revenue as the baseball organizations, they are not able to pay their players as much as baseball players get paid.

Does major league baseball players get paid per game even if they are on the bench the whole game?


How much are pro baseball players paid?

millions of dollars

How much money do NFL players get paid a game?


How much does a softball player get paid?

Professional softball players, of course, get paid. However, they do not earn nearly as much money as Major League Baseball players. The Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing this year does get paid, more than the professional softball players, but again, not as much as the average Major League Baseball player. For example, Jennie Finch drives a van, NOT a Ferrari.

Are baseball players paid too much from a managers point of view?


How much do basketball players get paid per game?

it all depends on how much their annual salary is

How much money do football players get paid?

they get paid about 100,00 a game and about 9.6 million for a regular contract with a team.

How much do players get paid for playing in the MLB all-star game?

they dont

How much do pro football players get paid a game?

50 cent per game

How much do football players get paid during preseason?

nfl players get game checks but not in the preseason.So do they get paid for preseason games .And do they get a percentage of the gate or merchandice at presesaon games.

Are cricket players paid more or baseball players?

Cricket players get paid 500 million dollars a year, especially India after world cup, baseball players it is only 22 million. Cricket players are so much more rich and that's why most Indians and australians go to cricket instead of basketball, baseball, and football because there is more money.

How much did pro football players get paid in 1960?

Some $500 per game.

How much were basketball players paid in the fifties and sixties?

500 - 2000 gold a game

How much does a baseball player get paid a year?

Most baseball players make about 40 to 50 million dollars a year.

How much is a pro baseball player paid?

Pro baseball players in 2007 had a minimum total salary of 2.5million dollars

Do released baseball players still get paid?

no they dont get paid........

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