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$5 and up.

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Q: How much do baseball cards cost?
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How much would 261 baseball cards cost?


How much does a shoe box of baseball cards cost?

Hailey is the best ever and dont you forget it.

If 9 cards cost 25p how much will 36 cards cost?

36 cards would cost £1

How were baseball cards sold in 1944 and how much did they cost?

There were basically no baseball cards produced between 1941 and 1948 because of paper rationing due to WWII. Any cards that WERE produces were just premiums for another product, and basically added nothing to the cost of that product.

How much does it cost to buy apack of playing cards?

It depends on what kind of cards they are.

How much will you get if you sold 120 baseball cards?

it depends on what cards u have

How much are 1989 baseball cards worth?

I got a 61 mike schmidt cards how much is that

How much did the Topps company sell a pack of cards for in 1952?

.05 cents a packA pack of baseball cards cost .05 cents in 1952, and you got a stick of gum!

How much do card-jitsu cards cost?


How much do Pokemon cards cost in Canada?


How much to howrse cards cost?

It depends where you buy it from.

How much do animal jam gift cards cost?

About as much as an animal

How much do pokemom cards cost?

Pokemon cost $3.99 at most stores.

How much does it cost for a green card?

Green Cards don't cost a penny

How much do sound cards cost?

$2.20 on some websites and no shipping cost

How much are your baseball cards?

WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. We do not sell baseball cards. Try or to find a website that sells cards.

How much do Pokemon cards cost at dollar tree?

Pokemon cards in dollar tree cost starting at $3.99. If you want new pokemon cards go to The Exchange.

How much money can you get for baseball cards from 1988?


How much do DSi points cards cost?

n walmart in Canada they cost $19.99

How much do rare Pokemon cards cost?

It depends how rare it is.

How much do edge cards cost?

It is around £20 ($30)

How much do snapper cards cost?

$10.00 mate... they are AWESOME!

How much would 5 Pokemon cards cost?

That depends! :)

How much do the aqw card clasher cards cost?


Where do i go to findout how much my ozzie smith baseball cards is worth?

The search engines can help you determine how much your Ozzie Smith Baseball cards are worth.