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Too much, it's a terrible sport.

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Q: How much do a WNBA player makes in a month?
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How much do a WNBA player makes a year?


How much money does the WNBA get in one month?

10.3 million dollars

How much does a WNBA player make in a year?

For the 2007 season, the WNBA rookie salary was $30,000 and the maximum salary was $100,000.

How much would a WNBA basketball player be paid a year?


How much does a WNBA player make?

I Love Reality Raj ;) -RamanXOXO

How much would a WNBA basketball player be paid?

about $1,000,000 going

How much money does a WNBA player earn a game?

Free dinner at Arby's.

How much does Diana taurasi make in the WNBA?

Diana Taurasi makes 100,000 dollars a year.

How do you get drafted to the WNBA?

I think that women backetball player should get AS MUCH money as nba

How much can a women make playing basketball overseas?

Well it depends who you are. But on average a wnba player could make up to 8 times more of what they make in the wnba.

How much do NBA players get paid per month?

It depends on their contracts and how good they are. If a player makes $1 million a year he makes about $83,000 per month. You can multiply the numbers from there. it multply by 83000000000

How much money does a WNBA player make a game?

about 30 trillion in just one game! hahahha

How much does a ceo makes?

900k's a month

How much money does Taylor swift make in a month?

Taylor Swift does not disclose how much money she makes in a month. Estimates show she makes thousands in a one month period as of 2014.

How much does a psychiatrist makes in a month?

9,000 a week

How much does a person who plays in the WNBA get?


How much does a wnba get paid weekly?

A lot

How much money does a soccer player earn in a month?

To Much

How much does Adriano make?

The football (Soccer Player) Adriano of Inter Milan makes £120,000 Pounds (UK money) per week which is £480,000 a month or $1,000,000 USD a month.

How much does an average Indian football player earn in a month?


How much does an amway ibo makes?

the avg IBO makes about 202 dollars a month.

How much rich is Beyonce Knowles?

she makes 700,000$ a month

How much many eminem have for month?

this makes no sence sorry

How much do pet shops make a month?

A veternarian makes about 25,oo dollars a month

How much does a brain surgeon make a month?

A Brain surgeon makes 10, 000 a month