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How would do World Series tickets cost?

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Q: How much do World Series tickets usually cost?
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How much did 2007 World Series tickets cost?

The 2007 World Series tickets cost approximately 1,500 dollars. The teams that played in the World Series were the Boston Red Socks and the Colorado Rockies.

How much do tickets to a World Series game cost?

The cost of tickets to a World Series game varies year to year. These tickets are coveted and rather expensive. In the 2013 game some fans paid over 3,000 dollars to watch their team.

What did World Series Tickets cost in 1945?

A 1945 World Series Ticket for a game played at Briggs Stadium cost $6.00 for upper deck reserve seats.

Are college World Series tickets expensive?

The ticket price for the College World Series is around $30. The closer the date gets to the game however the higher the price will usually go. Compared to the cost of a World Series ticket which can run as high as $250 the College World Series is much cheaper.

How much do tickets cost for the finals of the little league world series 2009?


How much do box seat tickets cost for the last world series game cost?

56$ AT The baseball seats

How much do Wicked theatre tickets usually cost?

Tickets for Wicked theater usually range anywhere from $110 up to $165. The cost usually depends on where one is seated in the theater and the city they live in.

Average Cost of concert tickets?

The average cost of concert tickets are around 50 dollars each. If you want to sit closer to the stage, tickets are usually 200 dollars a ticket and more.

How much do green day tickets for Adelaide usually cost?


Are Disney world tickets worth the cost?

Yes. Disney tickets are worth the cost especially when you have children. The cost will be in the range of hundreds of dollars. Kids will be a bit cheaper.

How much does the tickets for the FIFA world cost?

tickets for fifa world cup vary from $20 to $90 depending if you are black or white

Can you tell me the value of 2000 NY Yankees vs NY Mets full tickets for game 7 which was never played?

A 2000 World Series Full Phantom Ticket is worth about $15 - $20 . in near/mint condition.Phantom tickets are tickets that were printed in anticipation of a team making the playoffs, or World Series but not used when the team failed to make it, or as in this case a shortened series. The Subway series between the Yankees(4), and Mets(1) ended in 5 games leaving Ticket holders with World Series Memorabilia. Phantom Tickets are collectible but do not bring the higher price that tickets of games that are actually played will cost.For more information, on phantom tickets for this and other games see Related Links below.

What is the cost of bus tickets?

Usually some of amount of dollars (if you're in the US)!

How much do sea world tickets cost at the gate?


How much did movie tickets cost in the 1930s?

Usually, a movie ticket would cost around 25 cents.

How much does it cost to purchase Southeastern tickets?

Southeastern tickets costs varies depending on the package and the class you choose to purchase. Southeastern tickets usually goes for about $100 on average.

What was the cost of a World Series ticket in 1929?

The 1929 World Series features the Philadelphia Athletics beating the Chicago Cubs 4 game to one. I found a 1929 World Series ticket played at Wrigley Field, and the Price for admission to sit in the Bleachers was $1.00. I believe better seats in the lower reserve, and box were as high as $5.50, the price charged for 1930 World Series tickets at Shibe Park, where the 1929 World Series was hosted. In general the cost to see a World Series game during that era was about $1.00 -$1.50. for the cheap seats, and $3.00 -$5.50 for the better seats.

How much do tickets to Hairspray cost?

Tickets to Hairspray will vary depending on which venue and location that you are going to. Tickets to Hairspray on average usually cost around $60 for the cheapest seats. They can go anywhere up to over $100 for the best seats.

How much are Demi Lovato concert tickets?

Demi Lovato concert tickets usually cost around $30 each, plus fees.

Eight tickets cost 96 how much does 3 tickets cost?

If the cost of eight tickets is $96 then 3 tickets would be $36. Each ticket is $12.

Can cheap flight tickets be refunded?

Most tickets are usually nonrefundable, especially if they were bought from low-cost airlines. However, one must look at the terms of service of the company selling the tickets, who is usually obligated to specify if the tickets are refundable or what other compensation is offered in case of no flight.

How much do Phillies tickets sell for?

Ticket prices can vary but the range is anywhere from $0 - $45 for basic tickets. Playoff tickets will cost more but are usually based on location of game.

How much do Knicks tickets usually cost?

Well, most teams sell tickets as cheap as $10- $15. But that's upper level. If you want nice seats they usually go for about $50 to $90. You can get court side tickets for about $500- $1,000

How much are front row tickets for a Taylor Swift concert?

It depends on the venue but usually front row tickets cost $200-$300 each.

What is at grant cinemas adult tickets cost 8.50 and children's tickets cost 5.50 Write an algrebraic expressions for the cost of a adult tickets and c children's tickets.?

$8.50a +$5.50c

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