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Q: How much do NBA refs make per year?
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How much do NBA referees make a year?

NBA refs only make about $35,000 a year, while NFL refs are at about 80-90 grand. surprising but they do get great benifites and the best seat in the house. Joe.P

How much do nba refs make?

NBA refs make anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 per season, which includes 82 games. Referees that have been around for a while have been known to make as much as $550,000 per year.

How much do NBA refs get paid?

They average is around 3billion to 5billion per year.

Why do NBA refs have numbers on shirts?

The NBA refs do have numbers on the shirts for identification purposes so that all the calls that they make can be documented.

How much do NBA referees make?

Rookie NBA refs start at $80,000 a year. Refs officiate 82 games a year in the regular season. As they gain seniority they gain raises in income with some of the top veteran refs making 300,00-400,000 a year. If they are selected to ref in the playoffs they make much more money each round that they officiate. But they have to work their way up the seniority ladder. For example, Violet Palmer has been an NBA ref for 10 years and the 2007 playoffs were her first time officiating in the playoffs.

How much does basketball referee make?

It depends on the level of players being officiated and the state, conference, league etc. Some refs in local recreation leagues referee for free. NBA refs start at $91,000 per year and top out at $550,000 per year.

How many NBA refs are there?

there are 4 refs for each team idiot

How much does nba players make?

They make 300k a year

How much money does an NBA cheerleader make?

nba cheerleaders make 1,000,000 dollars a year

How much does an nba rookie make a year?

around 50gram a year

How much does a NBA player make?

the average nba player make 25,000,000 for a 5 year contract

How much do NBA players make for winning NBA title?

different amounts by the year

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